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🚨 Our last Q&A call of 2023 + Christmas break 🎄
Hey Facilitators! 👋 As we're getting close to the end of the year, I wanted to let you know about our call schedule for the coming weeks, and when we're "closing" for the holidays. Tomorrow (December 19th), we have our regular Coaching Call at 4pm CET. After that, we'll be taking a break from calls for the holidays, with calls resuming on January 9th (the first coaching call of the year is January 9th 2024 at 4pm CET). We'll also be slow to respond in the community between December 22nd and January 3rd, BUT we'd urge you to keep using the community over the holidays to connect with your fellow Facilitators 💛 We've really enjoyed getting to know you all this year - thanks for making this community so amazing. Happy Holidays from all of here at AJ&Smart! 🤗
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Happy Holidays to you all! 🎄
Adventures in Vietnam
Heading to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow after been surrounded by flood waters for a couple of days, and without power for part of that time. Two weekends ahead of running a masters course in Creativity for Solvay, public workshop on Creativity, promoting World Creativity Day/Week next April, and discussions with a university about a 4-month engagement, which might include teaching facilitation skills. I have a busy 10 days coming up.
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@David Newman that sounds super interesting what you are doing. I'd love to hear, see more of your work. If you have sth coming up online, where I could join, I'd love to... Good luck for all your adventures 🤞🏼
I just participated in a demo of this relatively new tool for online meetings. It is especially designed for Workshop facilitation and has several tools integrated. You can - for example - prepare your entire workshop within butter, including the preparation of breakout rooms and assign tasks to every room. They have templates like "AJ&Smart's favorite icebreakers" and many more... Check it out:
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@Julie Quin agree 💯 Hopefully, I will have time through winter to dive deeper into it...
We (AJ&Smart) Went to the World's Craziest Sales Training! [VIDEO]
Hey hey! Want to see behind the scenes of a masssssive sales and marketing training in Florida? The whole AJ&Smart marketing and sales team went 2 weeks ago and it was mindblowing. The conference/training itself is called "Funnel Hacking Live" We all got VERY sick afterward but it was an amazing experience. This is a pretty experimental vlog type... quite long, kinda like a home movie, we honestly don't know if people will like the style, but I hope it's useful or fun to some of you! Cheers, J
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Thanks for sharing - the vibe is absolutely contagious 😅💃
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@Benedict Odjobo same here! 🤩
A new Behind The Scenes vlog at AJ&Smart 🎥
Hey Workshoppers, Ever wondered how decisions get made or how the day-to-day of working at AJ&Smart looks like? Well, we've started a weekly(ish) vlog on our channel to show you exactly that! If you're curious about the week-to-week things that happen at an agency like ours take a look! Hope you like it :)
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Love it ! Great workspace! I can feel the atmosphere 🧡
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