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Goodbye Rank 1...
And a big congratulations to @Jade Jemma who will soon be taking the torch 🔥 Make me proud up there... 🙏🏼 P.S. Here's what happens when you reach level 7 🎉
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In Need of some Help
I’m a new user just joined what do I do?
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Read as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Educate educate educate. You may find these 5 Skool articles helpful: Writing #1: Mistakes Writing #2: Sales Flow + Product Line Up Writing #3: Deliverables Writing #4: How to Get HT Clients Writing #5: Why 2 Communities
1 Thing I Wish I'd Done Sooner in my Free Skool Community
My team & I have been averaging about $100,000/month on Skool but we could have been generating a lot more $ and helping a lot more people if we started doing this ONE thing earlier. What is this ONE thing? I call it: "Big Domino Problem Solving." Big Domino Problem Solving is when you solve 1 big problem for your prospect FOR FREE which then gives them the clarity, confidence and desire to solve more problems with you inside your paid program. In other words, it's when you help your people for free before asking them to pay you anything. My man @Frank Kern calls this "results in advance". Because look: 99% of the people in your audience probably all have the same 3-5 problems on route to reaching their ideal end destination/goal. But the question YOU need to answer is: What's the ONE problem that if they solved TODAY would give them the confidence and desire to want to solve the rest of their problems ASAP with you? What's the ONE big domino block that if you pushed over, would push over the rest? For example: Our free Skool community is full of people who suffer from: A) Not having an offer because they don't know WHAT to sell. B) Not having a niche because they don't know WHO to sell to. C) Not having a sales process in place because they don't know HOW to sell. D) Not having an audience because they don't know WHY anyone would like their content. And what we found is that the people who sign up for our HT service with the least resistance AND are the easiest to get results for are almost always the one's who are already clear on their offer. Once clear on their offer, their confidence and desire to succeed further with us comes with ease. So our ONE Big Domino Problem is: Offer Clarity. So we thought: "Okay, what if we just make more content to help people get clear on their offer then?" Sounds great! So I started making a ton of videos showing people how to get clear on their offer. And the videos got a ton of views and likes.
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Fun fact: I initially wrote "4 things I wish I'd done sooner" but I edited it down to just this one... should I write posts for the other 3 as well?
I just spent an entire day with Skool users IRL
I just got back from hanging out with Alex Hormozi, Sam Ovens, and all of the Skool Game winners in Las Vegas. It felt like a historic, once in a lifetime opportunity, and there was no other place on planet earth I would have rather been than inside that room with all of these super smart Skool users. Below is a quick lil montage showing the day + the dinner. And here are my 4 favourite Alex Hormozi quotes from the day: - “Make it as easy as possible to work as hard as possible.” - “Maximize losing track of time.” - “Talent is everything.” - “Outspend everyone.” I hope to meet up with everyone again at a big SkoolCon event or something 🎉 Ted P.S. Want 1 on 1 help setting up your Skool community (at no charge)? Send me a DM with the word "SKOOL" & I'll set yours up with you for free via a 1:1 Zoom so it's set up like a Skool Games winner!
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Sam (Skool CEO) asked me a good question
Last week I popped into HQ to make sure nobody was slacking off. I arrived at 12:30 and caught Nick, Sid, Sam and Wiktor red handed sitting outside eating lunch. Nick & Sid tried to play it cool by giving me a "wussup bro" hug 🫂. Wiktor gave me some fruit 🍇. Sam gave me this cool hat 🧢 pictured below. We all chatted for a minute before the team got back to work. During the chat, Sam asked me: "How have the bots been lately in your free community?" I said: "Great actually. No more issues." Sam asked: "Why do you think that is?" I said: "Because before we used to blindly accept everyone, but now we manually filter through everyone who joins. No profile pic, no entry. Non-human like answers to the 3 questions, no entry." And it reminded me of how SIMPLE it can be to fix a massive pain in the butt problem. We were battling bots in our free community comment section for awhile, and it ruined the vibe of our community. But now that we've been optimizing for quality of community members over quantity of community members, we've created a pleasant bot free space. We've also started deleting low quality/low value posts in our community and that's made our community a better place to be as well. If you wanna see the 3 anti bot questions we ask all our new community members, I'll post them below in a pic 👇 Before I left HQ I made 1 last request: Skool socks 🧦. Would you want em? Vote below 👇
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@Anyeli Meredith try again now i'll let u in
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@Ryan Duncan great designs!
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