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Hi everyone--I hope your holidays were restful and enjoyable. I came across this corporate job posting on LinkedIn, if you're interested. It was posted 5 days ago, so it's still fresh! Facilitator | ManTech | LinkedIn
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@Angie Flanagan Wow, that was quick; maybe it was an obligatory posting where they already had someone in mind but had to post the job. Thanks for the update.
The eagle has landed! 🦅✨
After a couple of months of intense study, practice, and Inner Circle Mentorship, I’ve landed my first official Sprint!! I’ll be collaborating during a 9-Week Customer Experience Sprint with key members of an AI startup, providing consulting advice, and helping improve the flow, look & feel, and overall experience for a new digital product. The main goal will be to assist the team in establishing product/market fit and proving traction. Among the many fancy exercises I’m planning for this engagement, we’ll collect User Challenges, perform Task Analysis, and build a User Story Map. I will also help them complete a Lean UX Canvas to establish our testing hypotheses, and document a Product Roadmap to identify and prioritize additional features. The pièce de résistance and main deliverable will be an interactive, high-fidelity prototype we’ll use to get feedback from test customers in several rounds of Usability Testing. I am extremely happy and grateful to the AJ&Smart team, for ensuring I did the deed. Special mention of course to @Jonathan Courtney but also to @Rebecca Courtney, @Tim Höfer, and so many others that pointed the way forward. I also want to give thanks to the many colleagues who helped me to grow, and who took time to practice with me some of these exclusive top 1% skills. Too many to mention, so suffice to say if I forgot you I owe you a tall drink ;) whenever you’re in Florida! Here it goes… Thanx to @Graham Thompson @Julie Taplin @Yash Mehta @Jill Banks @Abdul Salam @Benedict Odjobo @Javier von Westphalen @Ömür Yanıkoğlu @Riya Korah @Tarrush Kapoor @Chrissy Braun @Elli Nikolaou @Celine Tran @Teresa Middleton @Irina Volfson @Michelle Audsley Myers @Kristi Shumway @Keith Wasserman @Sabine Braubach @LaYinka Sanni @Lina Robayo @Luca Terminiello @Alexandra Pinegger @Trevor Wood @Kristen Cattell @Hind Bayane @Laure Duchamp @Bret Koontz @Coco Curry @David Marks @Anat Akiva @Talia Johnson @Chris Davis @Shelley McKeating … You’re All Stars!! 🌟✨
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Woo hoo! 🎉 Love this for you, @David Rovira -- congratulations!
Landed first 2 hour workshop for $4k
Last week I facilitated a 2 hour workshop for an insurance company that wants to introduce a new offer to grow and change direction due to new California law that is killing its cash cow offer. To put things in context, in the past I charged $2k for a day. But, it never hurts to ask even thought the thought feels frightening. Best of the experience is that this was the first time I run this type of workshop - “The Story Framework Sprint” and in a new Indutry. Quote from the CEO - “we have too much knowledge in our head that it’s confusing to make sense of it in a simple way”. This helps to simplify our focus.
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Way to go @Javier von Westphalen ! 🎉
getting started!
just wanted to let you know. I signed up for the workshopper master and I am so excited. Yes, it does feel like the first day of skool 😅 and I am so looking forward to whatever will develope out of it 💃🎉
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Hi Sabine! I'm a newbie too--I'm just about halfway through the Workshopper Master training, and I'm really enjoying it. I hope you do too!
📣 Update: Facilitator FOUND in New Jersey!
Thanks for the help, AJ&Smart Fam! Hello 👋 Facilitators! I'm looking for help facilitating a one- or two-day workshop on the Jersey Shore for a group of 15-20 people on June 14-15th. This will be in-person, so I'm looking for someone in the area with general facilitator skills. Still working out the details, but if you're interested, let me know and we can chat about timing, content, etc. Thanks!
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Hi @Meghan Lewis! I started my Workshopper Master training recently and I'm in NJ. If you still need assistance and don't mind getting it from a newbie, let me know--I'm available and happy to help.
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Sounds good!
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Jill Banks
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I'm a recovering mid-level manager who wants to add facilitation to my skill set. I look forward to learning from and contributing to the group!

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