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Said fโ€™it and got an IPhone 15 Pro
Was tired of my camera quality and got the upgrade today from an IPhone 10. Heard a lot of good things and hopefully it works out to be a good investment. Iโ€™ve never ever got a new phone before always 3-4 years behind until now.
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Great investment for fixing you IG. Thinking about getting one too, currently have the 13 max pro. Exact same color as yours
Happy hours event advice
Yo, setting up a weekly happy hour meetup in Austin. Asking for advice from guys whove done events for some dos and donts.
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Quick tip: if you are not going out hard and constantly meeting new people (I'm talking about at least 3 new people per week/12 per month), instead of weekly it should be every other week, so that people don't see it as a commitment but a fun thing to do. If you are with a big pipeline of new people, then it can be weekly but break your pipeline in two groups and cycle between them (one week invite only the first group, then the next week the second group, then the next week the first group again, etc). You will see that doing things like that make things more sustainable and interesting to your social circle. Finally, intercalate between 3 cool easily accessible places to have the happy hour, do not do all all at the same place. This change will keep people who already came to your event interested and coming back for more. Good luck!
Grid Worthy
Are any of these photos grind worthy or potentially grid worthy? Pre Lightroom edit
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All excellent pictures bro, in special the first one and the last two ones. Just make sure to apply presets to make them cinematic (if you want I can share with u mine, just hit me up on IG at @gracosig)
February Progress Report III
12 February - 18 February 2024 Attended a fireside chat with someone at OpenAI. Connected with the Russian guy who built his own AI chatbot to find a wife on Tinder. Having him on the AI Online Dating Podcast soon. Featured in John Mulvehill's video on the John Anthony Lifestyle channel, criticizing me for hosting the Dating Coach Panel and having a messy beard. I finally got hate from him on his channel. Hooray. Connecting a woman with more than 500,000 followers on Instagram to my publisher so she can publish a book. Been getting lots of messages this week from people wanting to collaborate with me on YouTube and in other ways. Invited to meeting with CEO, CBO and Head Of Product of an AI company for next week, simply for providing extremely valuable feedback to their company consistently.
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A week of value arbitrage indeed. You're connecting, suggesting and creating content. Russian guy = creating content. Woman with more than 500,000 followers = connecting Collaborations on YT = creating content Meeting with CEO, CBO and Head Of Product = suggesting Congratulations @Ice White
Get That Pussy's Network
Had an epiphany here and had to share with you guys on this video. Forget the pussy, focus on the pussy's network. The fact that you cannot see yourself not having sex for the rest of your life is why you're not having sex right now. The Sadia Khan's interview I mentioned:
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@Nils MacQuarrie appreciate u brother
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@Waqas Leo Thank u bro
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