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[NOTE: Links to the occasional FREE Group coaching sessions can be found in the Calendar tab above.] Welcome to the our new free community, 'No Regret Living.' This is a place where we're building a culture and supportive community to allow you 'get your dreams out of your head and into the world.' The message here is that it's not too late for you. Whatever big dreams you thought had passed you by, there's probably another iteration or form where you can still have it, still express it and feel more fulfilled as a result. In my experience, folks who can give themselves permission to 'go for their dreams' and get support along the way, lead happier, more productive lives, as well as feeling more seen, witnessed and accepted by the people who matter to them. In the Classroom section, you'll find some sections which are freely available to you, and others that are locked. If you'd like access to any locked courses or the Procrastination Cure Club (which is a paid membership community) just shoot us a message to our helpdesk at and we'll get you a link to the proper registration page and details.) But now to engage with this No Regret Living community - Step 1: Introduce yourself below with this copy/paste template. Answer any of these questions that you wish: What's your name? (or your Nickname - what do you most like to be called?) Were are you located? One of your strengths? (It's okay to brag in this space!) One of your weaknesses that you'd prefer to change? What's a favorite Book or Song that you particularly like or that has influenced you positively? What do you do (if you care to tell us)? And if you had it all your own way, what's one dream that isn't yet realized in your life that you'd really like to have happen? Please add anything else that you'd like to share with us to feel most know and witnessed <3 Best practices: 1) Have a profile photo. (And if you don't wish to use your own photo, please pick any other pic)
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Do this Now...Post Pic of Your Phone Homepage Here!
Take just 90 seconds to Download the FREE Skool app this way: 1. On your smartphone, click on the app store (either Google Play if you're on Android or the Apple app store if you have an iPhone.) 2. Go to the eyeglass icon and type in "Skool" and the free app will come up. 3. Download the free app and then login with the same email and password you created to join this desktop skool group (Note: If you're in the Procrastination Cure Club paid group already, please use that same email address.) 4. Move the app to the front page of your phone so that you can see whenever someone comments on one of your posts, or when we post new, juicy content. ***Take a picture of the skool app on the HOMEPAGE of your phone and post in this thread to receive great free prizes!! 5. Check out the calendar section and all the upcoming programs and events. 6. Explore the classroom section and see what you'd like to learn about. As we grow, more classroom offerings will be added. (Optional #7 - feel free to go up to your picture at the top right and adjust the notifications section to any way you prefer to be notified. But I suggest you keep them turned on because that's the most fun way to play here & keep up with all the news) That's it for now - Enjoy!
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Bursting Exercise Day 23
Here's our Day 23 Accountability thread.
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Bursting Exercise Day 24
Our Day 24 Accountability thread.
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Bursting Exercise Day 20
Here's our Day 20 Accountability thread.
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