Transform Your Hiring Game: 5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Shop Owners
Just wanted to share a few links to podcasts that Chris has been on recently and let you know what we’ve been up to here at Technician Find to help you attract and retain top talent.
How Do I Find A Good Shop? (for automotive technicians only) [PODCAST] with Sean Tipping on the Automotive Diagnostic Podcast: Change your perspective with this discussion on a technician's view of the hiring process.
How do you retain mechanics? The 8 top reasons they leave and what independent automotive repair shops can do about it. [PODCAST] with Chris Jones on Ratchet + Wrench Radio: Any shop that wants to retain good employees (so, all of you!) is going to get a lot of great ideas from this episode!
Transform Your Auto Repair Shop: From Burnout to Balance and Attracting Top Talent [PODCAST] with Carm Capriotto on the Town Hall Academy podcast along with Shawn Gilfillan from Automotive Magic and Magic Lube and Rubber in Kenvil, New Jersey and Eddie Lawrence from Mobile Transport Repair in Colorado Springs, Colorado: This episode is about Eddie's journey from burnout to balance as a shop owner through developing the Life Calibration system for himself that he now shares with other shop owners and their employees. The system provides a simple tool for overextended shop owners and their employees that helps them gain more fulfillment, clarity and perspective in life.
Why Your Recruiting Ads Aren't Working: Tips from an Automotive Technician Hiring Expert [PODCAST] with Martin Morgan on the Busy Bays Podcast: A deep dive into all things recruiting for auto repair shops. Job ads, how to expand your reach for candidates, the role that culture plays, and more.
Attract, Don't Chase: How to Hire a Mechanic with a Fishing vs Hunting Approach [PODCAST] with Mike Edge on the Gain Traction Podcast: Chris explored his journey with Technician Find, the triumphs, and stumbles over the years in hiring technicians and Chris' top tip for finding top techs: Think like a fisherman, not a hunter!
Dive into any episode that grabs your attention. Each podcast is packed with value.
And if you have a chance, leave some feedback in the comments.
Miranda Schwan
Transform Your Hiring Game: 5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Shop Owners
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