“I got tired of technicians asking for cash advances so this is what I did…”

Do you have employees that consistently experience more month at the end of their money?

You’re not alone, I’ve heard this complaint from lots of shop owners.

Here’s what some top shops did to solve it:

1️⃣ Purchase Dave Ramsey’s Smart Dollar Program and go through it as a team.

2️⃣ Invite the financial advisor that manages the retirement plan to come in and do a quarterly presentation and stay to answer personal questions.

3️⃣ Read financial books together, implement the exercises and provide accountability during their regular 1-on-1 meetings (start a book club).

I’ve heard amazing stories about shops that have implemented these strategies including techs that went from asking for weekly advances to buying houses and cleaning up their credit for good.

If you are consistent, your team will build powerful financial muscles using these strategies and the days of being the piggy bank will be over.


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