Have you ever lost a good tech?

Stings doesn’t it?

Everything is going along fine in the shop (or so you thought) and one Friday afternoon, out of the blue, they drop the bad news on you.

Buddy, that’s one loooong weekend!

Here's the hard truth…

In this tight labor market, if a tech feels stagnant or under-appreciated, they can easily jump ship.

It's not just about the next paycheck; it’s about feeling respected and valued.

Let’s put it into perspective:

Imagine your best technician. Now imagine them with improved life skills, navigating both their professional and personal challenges with ease.

How much more invested would they be in their job?

But here’s the kicker…

Professional training alone won't seal the deal. Life skills make the difference. This dual toolset can be the game changer for technician loyalty and job satisfaction.

So, what’s the solution?

My good friend and diesel repair shop owner, Eddie Lawrence recognized this gap in his own life and the lives of his team. That’s why he created the 'Life Calibration' - a hands-on workshop aimed at helping shop owners and their employees gain more fulfillment, clarity and perspective in life.

Big corporations have long recognized the importance of holistic employee development. They know it's not just about the job; it's about creating well-rounded individuals.

Take a page from their playbook:

Invest in a program like 'Life Calibration' for your entire team and show them that you care that their life works inside and outside of the shop.


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