Do you wish your employees cared as much about your business as you?

You know what’s ironic about this?

They probably wish you cared more about them than the bottom line.

It's not about blame.

In fact, as shop owners, you likely care deeply about your team.

But there's a big difference between feeling and showing that you care.

When employees don't feel appreciated, it affects morale, productivity, and loyalty.

Cue the revolving door.

Joey Coleman, in his insightful book "Never Lose An Employee Again," explains these problems perfectly and goes on to suggest solutions.

It's not that you don't care, but your employees might not know it.

Coleman pinpoints three reasons for this disconnect:

  1. Lack of understanding. Do you truly know what drives your employees or what challenges they face?
  2. Lack of demonstrated appreciation. When was the last time you showed genuine gratitude for their contributions?
  3. Lack of connection. How often do you genuinely connect, beyond work conversations?

By addressing these gaps, you can transform your workplace into an environment where employees not only know they're valued but reciprocate by giving their best to the business.

Embrace the power of understanding, appreciation, and connection.

Make these principles foundational in your shop culture, and you'll not only retain top talent but foster a workplace where everyone is invested in mutual success.


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