The goal isn't just to make money
The goal is to find and complete your Life's Work.
Maybe there's a reason you've been put here. Maybe your unique life circumstances... the good and the bad... have put you in a perfect position to do some magical work.
Every human has a superpower. We are all unique. We all like, dislike, hate, and love different things. When you find work that fits well with what you love, you fall so deeply in love with your work that you become obsessed. This obsession leads you to superhuman levels of productivity.
One of the core drivers that pushed me to financial freedom was the idea I'd never have to work again. I realise now this was a mistake. The goal isn't to never work, it's to find work you love. I mean, what else are you supposed to do with your time?
Personal development is about solving your own problems. Life purpose is about solving the world's problems. Business is about solving other people's problems. The internet now allows you to do all three at once.
Your soul is silently longing for you to pursue something beautiful.
This, is my calling.
Andrew Kirby
The goal isn't just to make money
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