The Brutality of YouTube

I don't want this to sound whiny or bitchy.

But I reflected quite some bit on YouTube and found something I want to share. Could be I'm wrong.

The Brutality of YouTube is that there are NO LEVELS.

To speak with an analogy:

Imagine you are interested in Tennis and you decide to pick up a racket for the first time, to shoot some balls.

And your first competitor is: ROGER FEDERER in full Wimbledon mode.

That is what YouTube as a newbie feels like.

You pick up your camera. Make your first video. Struggle with the editing or sound or light or the WiFi or whatever … finally you manage to put your video online … and your video goes up DIRECTLY against MrBeast or Casey Neistat or ScreenJunkies delivering their prime game.

Because on YouTube we are all fighting for the SAME limited amount of attention. So there are no levels: little leagues, big leagues, pro league, etc.

Understandably your own little video gets crushed by those pros and gets very little or no attention.

And I think this can be very disheartening for a beginner.

As I said: I don't want to bitch or moan.

I don't have troubles with grinding work or brutal rejection. As an alumni of the Sam Ovens way of business, I know that brutal grind and facing massive rejection and resistance is part of the job.

I'm OK with that.

It's just that this is not communicated in regards to YouTube. It's mostly presented as this creative journey. But having wrong assumptions about a challenge will almost inevitably make you fail.

That's why I wanted to share this here.

What do you think about that?

Am I missing something?




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