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Use this simple tip to build ANY habit you want
Today marks 688 days in a row of me having a cold shower followed by deep breathing exercises. Nearly two years. It doesn't feel that long, because it's so natural to me now. Doing this every day has allowed em to have so much more energy, focus and discipline. So how do I stay so consistent with it? Just willpower and motivation? Far from it. You see I make my routine easy to do, and fit it around my pre-existing schedule. One way to do this is to find your ANCHOR POINT. An anchor point is something in your pre-existing routine that you do everyday almost subconsciously- such as brushing your teeth or getting your shoes on. After you've found a strong anchor point, you can slip in your new habits around them. For example, I tell myself: "After my feet touch the floor when I wake up, I will go immediately to the bathroom and turn the shower to cold" This has become autonomous as the prompt is so strong. It's become wired in my brain. And by making it "just turn the shower to cold" instead of "take a cold shower, it seems a lot less daunting and takes a lot less mental effort. Try to find one anchor point in your day that you can attach to a new, great habit. ————————— What habit would you like to build?
I read self-development books so YOU don’t have to- (Part 2) Tiny Habits
I’ve read lots of self improvement books over the years and continue to do so. I’m going to share the most valuable lessons from each book I’ve read, so that you can apply them to your own life- without having to buy the book! ———————— PART 2: Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg. This book highlights the power of starting small and shows you that REAL change happens by making tiny, consistent actions. It also shows you what makes up a behaviour and gives you the tools to build or break habits with ease! ———————— The BEST takeaways from Tiny Habits👇 🔤 Using the ABC method to start any new habit: ANCHOR- Find an event in your existing routine that you can tether a new habit to. For example- brushing your teeth, making dinner or even the sound of a phone ringing. This will be the prompt for your new habit. BEHAVIOUR- Create a tiny version of your new habit when you’re starting out- like flossing just one tooth or doing just one press-up. Do this STRAIGHT after the anchor occurs. CELEBRATE- Do something to create positive emotions IMMEDIATELY (not later) after doing this new habit- like saying “I did a good job!” or smiling at yourself in the mirror. 🧠 B=MAP Model: BEHAVIOUR happens when 3 things converge: MOTIVATION, ABILITY and a PROMPT. If motivation is HIGH, then you will do a behaviour even if it is hard. If motivation is LOW, then you need to make it easy to do, or you won’t do it. Troubleshooting behaviours using this model: 1. Check to see if there is a prompt. 2. Check to see if you have the ability to do the behaviour. 3. Check to see if you are motivated to do the behaviour. You can also FLIP this to break bad habits, by removing the prompt, making the habit harder to do (reducing ability) and lastly reducing your motivation to do the habit or removing it altogether. ✅ 3 approaches to making a habit easier: Increase your skills: - Research - Watching a video - Asking for advice - Repetition Tools and resources: - Better set of kitchen knives. - Comfortable walking shoes.
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@William Carter You’re welcome mate!
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@Hichem Dahmani No problem at all!
10 MORE ways to live the best life imaginable (You can start doing these today)
Here are 10 more ways that you can live your best life: 1. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes- instead, recognise that they are necessary on the path to success. 2. Start saying no to things you don’t want to do and make time for yourself instead. 3. Do something nice and unexpected for a loved one to show them how much you appreciate them. 4. Never make fun of someone for being in a position that you once were. 5. Come up with a ‘bare minimum’ routine that means that you keep moving forward even on your WORST days. 6. Take 30 minutes on a Sunday evening to plan your upcoming week. Your productivity will increase tenfold that week. 7. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for every single morning. As you’re writing, FEEL how lucky and grateful you are. 8. Resist the temptation to be comfortable now and put in the daily work and your future will be beyond your wildest dreams. 9. Don’t be too proud to ask for help from people who have achieved similar things to what you want. 10. Don’t neglect the fundamentals. Sleep, exercise, nutrition, hydration, time to unwind. What else would you add?
These 7 habits are secretly the cause of your sluggishness (You’re probably doing at least 50% of them)
You have to STOP doing these habits: 1. Scrolling on social media anytime you physically can. 2. Not taking your sleep seriously enough, regularly getting less than 6-7 hours. 3. Leaving exercise until later on in the day, or neglecting it altogether. 4. Relying on random spurts of motivation to get stuff done. 5. Snoozing morning alarms until the last possible minute. 6. Not getting enough sunlight. 7. Having no clear goals. Do this instead: 1. Normalise making conversation instead of scrolling. Use time limits on apps. Put your phone in a separate room more often. Have a ‘phone-free hour’ every now and again. 2. Regularly get at LEAST 7 hours sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same time most nights. 3. Get exercise done in the morning when motivation and energy levels are generally highest. 4. Use routines and habits to instil disciplined rather than ‘needing’ motivation. 5. Wake up on your first alarm. Put your phone on the other side of the room to help. Get straight into your morning routine as you turn your alarm off. 6. Get sunlight as early as you can in the morning. Spend more time in nature. 7. Have a long term vision for yourself and set yourself mini-goals to help you achieve this. Which habits from the list will you change? When I stopped doing Number 2 and started getting the right amount of sleep, everything changed for me!
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@Kartik Bisht I hear what you’re saying. Having dedicated times to consume content will benefit you- be strict with yourself. Don’t just do it mindlessly.
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@Kartik Bisht Good man!
10 things you can start doing TODAY for a more successful life
I listened to hours and hours of podcasts, audiobooks and transcripts of interviews with 50 highly successful individuals. Here are some of the things that they have implemented in their life to become successful (and you can too): ———————- 1. Unapologetically be yourself. Even if others make fun of it. 2. Don’t rush to do what everyone else around you is doing. 3. Follow your heart, even if it surprises people. 4. Take advice from people who have been there and done it themselves. 5. Be nice to others, until they give you a reason not to be. 6. Realise that it’s not about the journey OR the destination, it’s about who you become on the journey. 7. Show gratitude regularly to those around you who help you and who you care about. 8. Always be working towards something, no matter how small it may be. 9. When you’re doing something, go ALL IN on it. Don’t half ass things. 10. Do something every single day to care for your mind and body. They are your BEST assets. ——————- What would you add?
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@Gabriel Vertrees That’s a good one, of course. I do meditation and breathing exercises every morning- it’s been a game changer.
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@Erish Chhabra That’s a great quote. Thanks friend!
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