Need some advice from people that make money off YouTube.
Currently I'm watching a creator booth video on how to go full time on YouTube. And ideally, I'm trying to go full time in the next 2 months right before I graduate. And right now I'm trying to figure out the "niche" of what to sell. I already know the niche broadly, and it's eliminating pain in everyday life or exercise, aka injure proofing the body.
But I'm trying to decide whether or not I should 1. Either sell a product where I give the solution of injure proofing the ENTIRE body(yes I know how to do that). Or 2. Solve a really really specific solution like knee pain(which I notice is the most common type of pain). And I could be overthinking it, but in the knee pain option, I could add the other stuff to help injure proof the rest of their body.
Anyways, any advice would be appreciated. And also if you are in the exercise niche, which problem would you most likely buy(don't bullshit yourself and be realistic). Would you buy a product that promises to injure/bulletproof your entire body? Or would you buy a product that would solve a specific problem like knee pain? I've already got experience and testimonials in both areas, so any advice would be very helpful.
P.S - Inside those products I'll also be selling things like consulting, where if people that buy the program still have questions, they can pay me $50-$100 for a call. Is that also a good idea?
Gabriel Vertrees
Need some advice from people that make money off YouTube.
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