I'm struggling to find a sub niche. Any resources or ideas to help?
Hey everyone, so I'll give as much context as possible for the most clarity. Right now I'm probably overthinking a lot of things, but I'm trying to figure out my sub niche.
I just finished watching the "picking market" course video in Alex Hormozi's course, and he said to pick a sub niche and niche it down 3-4 times. I picked health.
Which I sub niched to fitness, then injury prevention, then to injury prevention for athletes and/or bodybuilders, and marathon runners.
I feel like "injury prevention" is too broad, so I'm trying to figure out what specific pain I'd like to solve.
I've thought about targeting people that have had certain injuries like ACL tears, or meniscus tears, but idk enough about that market to target it.
I do know though that people that do sports, bodybuilding, marathons, or even normal joes get injuries or want some form of injury prevention, or at least know what to do to not get injured.
Basically, I have too many ideas and I need to either brainstorm more to narrow down and cut out ideas, or figure out how to sub niche better.
What do you guys think? And honestly, if someone is able to hop on a call with me I would appreciate it since I don't have too many ideas right now.
And don't be afraid to give me harsh advice. I probably need it.
Gabriel Vertrees
I'm struggling to find a sub niche. Any resources or ideas to help?
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