Apply this rule to your life- become a self development GOD
If you understand this principle and use it wisely, you can transform your life with ease.
You can stop wasting time on the stuff that doesn’t matter and start to make crazy progress on the stuff that does.
The Pareto Principle (80/20 rule) is the idea that 80% of the results are caused by only 20% the action.
This principle can be applied to many different areas of life, and the outcome remains the same.
For example, often 80% of a businesses profits will be raised by 20% of their customers.
20% of drivers on the road cause 80% of accidents.
Of course, the numbers aren’t always exactly 80/20.
It might be 79/21, 68/32 or 90/10.
But the principle shows us how a small percentage of the causes are responsible for a large percentage of the outcome.
When I used this rule and applied it to my life, I was shocked at some of the things that I found out.
For example, I found that I was spending 80% of my free time watching YouTube, movies and playing games.
This was only giving me 20% of my total satisfaction.
When I honed in on the things that gave me real satisfaction like working on my business and helping others, my total satisfaction skyrocketed.
Furthermore, when working on my business I also realised that only 20% of my work was actually bringing in 80% of revenue.
I was wasting time making the perfect logo, tag lines, domain name etc. and not focusing on the 20% activities such as marketing, outreach and making new connections that was bringing in that 80% of revenue.
In your life, think about what you really want to improve in.
Do you want more energy? Want to build a business? Want to get ripped?
Then think about the 20% of activities that you do that are going to result in 80% of the outcome.
Do more of those, and cut down on things that don’t matter as much.
For example, if you want bigger arms but only do one arm workout a week, you need to be doing MORE of these and cut back on other exercises.
If you find that sleep is the biggest factor that determines whether you’re tired or not- focus on getting MORE rather than worrying about religiously drinking that coffee each morning or trying to get 20,000 steps in.
If you flip the rule, you can use it to figure out that 80% of stress and distraction in our life is caused by only 20% of sources.
These are sometimes obvious to us, but not always.
You may find that 80% of your distraction when working comes from only 20% of the sources- your phone and laptop for example.
It may be that you’re hanging around with negative people who bring you down and stop you from doing many things.
It could actually be something internal like imposter syndrome that stops you doing many things as you experience feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.
Additionally, it could be something physical like sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, or no exercise that makes you feel sluggish and stops you from doing the important stuff.
Take a step back, work back from your issues and pinpoint the root cause that stops you doing important things and making progress.
After that you can tackle this head on and finally start to progress more.
As mentioned in the earlier section, once you find the 20% of causes that bring 80% of the effects in an area you want to improve in- you can start to ramp them up to become more effective.
You can really start to focus on this 20% and build micro-habits with it to boost your progress.
All you need to do is figure out how you can do a little of this high return activity each day, and stay consistent- whilst tuning out the other not so important stuff.
For example, if you wanted to get better at pull-ups, doing a workout with lat pull-downs, seated rows, dumbbell rows and pull-ups is great- but it’s the pull-ups that are going to be the biggest improver of your pull-up form.
Instead, you could put your focus into doing 20-30 minutes of pull-ups a day.
Your pull-up form would come on tenfold to what it would compared to your old workout routine.
Another example:
If you want to become a better at marketing and copywriting for your business, picking the right email marketing software, trying out fonts and writing emails are great- but it’s by writing the emails that you will make the majority of your progression.
Focus your attention on writing a little each day- a sentence one day, an essay another
You will make tonnes more progress by focusing on the high return activities than by focusing on the others.
Apply the 80/20 rule today in your own life and watch your progress skyrocket!
Where could you use this principle in your life?
Let me know!
Louie Humble
Apply this rule to your life- become a self development GOD
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