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Best path to $10,000/month (Alex Hormozi's The Skool Games)
I've partnered with Skool and Hormozi to make the ultimate online business building experience.
It's called The Skool Games.
It includes:
• Hormozi’s new business opportunity for beginners
• Course on Hormozi's easiest $10,000/mo model
• Opportunity to meet Hormozi in Vegas
• Weekly Q&As with me and Hormozi
• Fun leaderboard, competition, and prizes
This is what Alex Hormozi said:
"People want $10,000/month online. So I spent 4 years looking for the fastest, easiest, most-likely way for beginners to get there. And finally, I found it.”
This works even if you have no audience, don't know what to sell, and aren't an expert.
Andrew Kirby
Best path to $10,000/month (Alex Hormozi's The Skool Games)
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