9 Steps To Get A Valuable Audience Fast (from a 600k subs YouTuber)
I have 654,258 YouTube subscribers.
And I got a client from 0 → 200k subs in 9 months.
Here’s 9 steps to get a valuable audience fast:
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Step 1: Use the Viral YouTuber Morning Routine
A bad idea with perfect execution will flop.
A good idea with poor execution could go viral.
The simplest path to better video ideas is to spend more time on video ideas.
Spend 10 mins every morning brainstorming.
Step 2: Avoid the Dancing Monkey trap
I know YouTubers with millions of subs who are going broke.
I know YouTubers with thousands of subs who are making $100,000/month.
Not all views are equal. Education > Entertainment
Step 3: Provide Insights at Scale
Views + $$$ come after you become a trusted advisor.
You become a trusted advisor by providing insights at scale.
More insights per second → more attention and trust
Step 4: Go Insight Mining
Everyone has insights. Whether you're an expert or not.
Create a note called 'Insight Mining'.
Write down the lessons you've learned recently.
You can look through your notes, or ask "what do I know now that I didn't one year ago?"
"We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely." - E.O Wilson
Step 5: Find Viral Packaging
How you say something is more important than what you say.
The packaging is the product.
Look for what's already working, then do the same (but 1% different).
Step 6: Go Trend Hacking
Stay close to your niche, and listen to whispers about what's trending.
When I caught the "Dopamine Detox" trend I got 10,000,000 views in a couple weeks.
Step 7: Look for patterns in your content
Don't gamble with unproven videos.
Look for patterns in what's working:
- Titles
- Thumbnails
- Topics
My 4 most popular videos all have before/after thumbnails.
Step 8: Look for patterns in other people's content
If you haven't uploaded many videos, find people whose channel you like, and find pattern in their most popular videos.
Step 9: Look for what's missing
If you just copy what's working, you'll look like everyone else.
So look for gaps in the market. Fill an unfulfilled demand.
Create content only you can make.
The Optimal Content Strategy:
• Make something people love (High Demand)
• But that no one else is making (Low Supply)
For rapid audience growth, fill an untapped demand.
Anything you think I missed?
Andrew Kirby
9 Steps To Get A Valuable Audience Fast (from a 600k subs YouTuber)
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