I am a Physical Therapist: I help students get accepted into PT school, & make money while in school so that they can avoid thousands in school debt!
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PTA and 2nd year SPT at Pitt. Owner of PTA Elevation. I go to bed too early. Love eating lots of food, picking up heavy things and cats 😃
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Pediatric Private Practice Owner
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Problem solver. Pre-Pt. Aspiring Med-Interpreter. @spanishphysio on Tiktok/Insta
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I'm a problem solver. What problem can I help you solve?
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Wherever you need me to be
RDN, CDCES I love helping people with diabetes get control of their blood sugars!
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✨I am a lover of life. Here to spread love, positivity and humor 🤙🏽
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Originally from London, UK and now residing in Florida. I started in the arts and now focus my efforts in marketing for healthcare professionals.
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1st year DPT at St. Kate's ~ Dreamer, traveler, & coffee-lover!
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Mobile PT practice owner w/ niche in treating Cervical, Lumbar & Knee pain of women >40 w/ my Active Life Solutions Program; Cert. in Dry Needling.
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White Plains, MD
I am a Doctor of PT by training and help clients overcome debilitating dizziness, neck pain, and TMJ so they can get back to living their best lives.
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Fernando Miranda creates extraordinary results for his clients and staff by providing an amazing environment for personal and professional growth.
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I'm a DPT who owns a concierge Physical Therapy clinic. I’ve been practicing for 11 years in Reno, NV.
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Reno, NV
Run Bike Run - Duathlon Dietitian that enjoys cooking
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I help people with chronic kidney disease overcome confusion around what to eat so they can delay or avoid dialysis.
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North Carolina
inpatient rehabilitation therapist interested in starting an outpatient neuro community clinic :)
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Runner, PT, Superstar
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Dog lover and striving to give old dogs better and more days!!
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I am a Pediatric OT and mindfulness practitioner. My passion is building safe sensory-sensitive classrooms through mindful co-regulation.
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Maryland, United States
DPT ➡️ copywriter & blogger | I help healthcare entrepreneurs & senior living brands scale 📈their businesses, impact, & revenue💰
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Edgewood, Washington
Creator of PHASE Physical Therapy and Wellness. Pickleball Physio. I love dogs, Disney, the arts, handcrafting, movement, and the pursuit of learning.
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Hi lovelies! I'm Shannon. I have a super bright personality and no one should miss it.
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I am a physical therapist and movement coach in the western suburbs of Boston. I have a cash practice. I sold my insurance-based practice in 2012.
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Acton, MA
I am a second-year SPT at Alabama State University. I own and run a media and marketing company that helps hybrid based physical therapy clinics.
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Looking to take relentless action while networking with like minded individuals
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Orlando, FL
Doctor of Physical Therapy. Mom to the cutest baby girl. Runner. Crossfitter. Addicted to Learning.
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Orlando FL
I am a pelvic floor PT and owner of Indy Women PT in Indianapolis. I love working with postpartum moms and helping young women overcome pelvic pain.
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I am a Hope dealer. I love all things wellness and performance. I enjoy learning, laughing, Motown music, dancing and hanging out at the beach.
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Founder of Enhanced Recovery After Delivery. I love mountain biking, hiking, and climbing!
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Yakima, WA
DPT/ATC turned Entrepreneur. Lutheran. LEOW. Mom of 2.
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