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IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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Dr. Allen is a 45 y/o female with nearly 20 yrs. experience as a Dentist/Prosthodontist. She is married and blessed with two kids, a 14 y/o girl and a 7 y/o boy. She makes $250k/yr. Dr. Allen is an involved parent and takes time off her busy schedule to attend to her kid's soccer games. On her free time, she loves to take hikes with her family, watch movies or bake cakes. She occasionally browses on Facebook and Instagram using her phone and follows celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Christy Tiegen, and Rihanna. She considers herself a logical buyer, and typically shops at Target, or Giant for her needs. She's into renovating her house vs. purchasing expensive things. Dr. Allen is frustrated of her recurrent neck pain. Pain can be severe enough that it started to affect her shoulder causing difficulty with work, sleep and causes disruption in working out at the gym. She feels like being in contorted positions and the long hours of work contributes to her pain. NOTE: Dr. Allen is actually my own dentist, who eventually became my patient. She responded well to manual therapy, and progressive exercises, however, admits struggling being consistent to her HEP. I often hear the hygienist c/o the same neck pain. Per the Journal of Occupational Health in 2021, "Dentists have a high occupational risk of neck disorders..." I am a Solutions, cash-based practitioner, and I help active females >40 with neck, back and knee pain. For my 168, I want to narrow down to Dental Professionals with Neck Pain. Thoughts @Lisa Chase , @Greg Todd , @Ashley Ballou ?
#Video 1 My name is Donna Concepcion, a foreign-educated Physical Therapist from the Philippines. I am a Mom of 3 kids, and a French bulldog. I love to travel and eat! I migrated to MD in 2005 and have been in multiple settings but found myself stuck in outpatient orthopedics. I love being a PT! I believe I was born to serve and heal patients, until... I got burned out from the demands of management and the healthcare practice in general. Extra patients with no help meant more hours of playing catch-up with documentation. I was paid well, but with the extra hours I spend each week to get caught up, meant more time away from my kids and my husband. I needed breathing room; I needed more time to spend with my family. My short-term goal was to quit my job, and I stumbled upon Greg's Infinite Income Challenge in Oct. With the support of my loved ones, and guidance from Greg, I boldly quit my job of 14 yrs. in January. For somebody who hates driving, I got out of my comfort zone, and I find myself on the road all day. I now have a Mobile Solutions-based PT practice with a niche in treating women >40 with neck, back and knee pain. I would like to eventually transition to a brick and mortar practice. The 168 vehicle would be a great supplement to my goal. We grew up poor, and my Mom emphasized the importance of being practical, attaining the highest education there is to get paid well and save money. My desire is to continue helping my family in the Philippines, experience what I didn't have growing up, and for my kids to have a better life and not undergo the same hardship.
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@Lisa Chase Thank you! It was indeed a brave move, but the whole universe was telling me it’s time to step into the unknown and rely on faith that I will get there. I’m excited to learn a lot from you and privilege to be your accountability partner!
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@Greg Todd Thank you Greg! Working on it!
Module 1 Worksheet
#Module 1 Worksheet
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Module 1, Video3 Take-away
#Video 3 I have a lot to work on... but first, I need to be consistent in: 1. Investing in my health so I can have the energy to tackle the day 2. Build my self-confidence so I can network more. 3. Control and manage my time better. Life is overwhelming as it is- but setting and sticking to goals and priorities would make a difference.
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Module 1, Video 2
#Video 2 Knowing the Wealth Formula is mind blowing! Living off rice and beans per Dave Ramsey isn't for me! I love to eat out! I would need to be at 250K to right now, and 500k to live comfortably in 3 yrs. Vehicles would be: High ticket offers on my solutions-based program, e-books, online courses, affiliate programs.
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Donna Concepcion
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Mobile PT practice owner w/ niche in treating Cervical, Lumbar & Knee pain of women >40 w/ my Active Life Solutions Program; Cert. in Dry Needling.

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