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Module 7, Video 3!
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@Derly Munoz Yeah, great job
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Nice job Patrick!
Module 7, Video 2!
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Working on details but here are my ideas. Free: · 1-month free access to electronic home exercise software and rehab links module · Checklist to help identify where I am on the road map to achieving clinical competency and superior outcomes. · E Book- 10 steps to gaining confidence with my clinical skills so I get consistent and superior outcomes Paid- · Master Class where I invite a few partners i did podcast with to talk about how to get better outcomes and teach one skill. · Electronic Home Exercise Software with Rehab Links · Online course · Membership
Module 7, Video 1
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Free: check list, webinar, videos, handouts, ebook, podcast, short demo, planner Paid: online course, membership, software, mentorship/coaching, mastermind, live event, clinical integration tools, exercise library
Module 5 - Video 1 Homework!
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Still in draft phase and now surveying therapists to narrow down my top 5. Thank you Logan, Derly and Lori for giving me feedback to help with ranking. If anyone else has input, I welcome it. Pain/Frustrations 1. I don’t have a streamlined electronic home exercise program that gives me easy access to exercises I want to prescribe my clients 2. I don’t have streamlined electronic home exercise program that gives me exercises for patients that I learned at a continuing education course 3. I don’t have a streamlined electronic home exercise program that gives me exercises to complement my manual work 4. I don’t have time or money to physically go to courses and there are a lack of quality online courses to choose from. 5. I don’t have time to review research to help me stay up to date with my colleagues and provide best practices. 6. I don’t have access to a community of practitioners where I can collaborate and learn from. 7. The exercises I am prescribing don’t maintain results for my clients 8. Not getting great outcomes with patients 9. I lack clinical efficiency and take work home. 10. CE courses I attend don’t make a big impact on my clinical outcomes 11. I don’t have easy access to mentors to help me grow 12. I don’t have access to instructors after a course I have taken to ask questions and deepen my clinical application 13. I don’t have access to recording videos from the courses that I had been taken so I can reproduce the same technique when I am in the clinic 14. I'm so tired of having multiple home exercise programs and NONE of them have exactly what I want to prescribe my patients. So, most of the time I just end up shooting videos on my patient's Cellphone 15. My exercise program needs to include RTM (Remote Therapeutic 16. Monitoring) so I can maximize my reimbursement 17. Patient disinterest in doing HEP 18. My practice is busy and need faster effective correctives that produce a quick notable positive change for clients 19. My clients are busy with poor HEP compliance, and they need fast easy correctives to stay compliant with the home program and maintain carryover
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@Patrick Luo Looks great! you nailed it
IIS MODULE 4- Video 5
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Great example. Thanks Greg
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First podcast completed! It was super fun. Has anyone done one yet? Can't wait to hear how it went.
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