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IIS - Module 2, Video 3
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This one has been a struggle for me. My end goal for this is to have nutrition coaching be my business. My current day job is personal training clients I get from the gym. Basically our only marketing is word of mouth and some more people have started to find us through the instagram posts I've made on the gym's account. These are all either middle age adults (both men and women between 30-55ish) or kids for my youth program (boys between 10-18). So these are the groups that I've had access to over the last year and I have helped several of them with basic nutritional adjustments to support a healthy strength training lifestyle. At the end of our last training cycle I got to meet with each of the clients for a progress review session and this was my opportunity to educate them about the importance of nutrition, sleep, and stress management for making gains in the gym. Our next training cycle is coming to an end and I am scheduling more progress reviews with everyone. On our last questionnaire there was a question asking if they would be interested in a nutrition plan and there were 17 people that said yes. These 17 people age ranged between 30-50, 9 women and 8 men, most of them married, 8 have kids, and most have 9-5 jobs or travel frequently. This is the audience that I see on a day to day basis through personal training at the gym. It's not specific to a demographic, but some similar psychographics and online/ offline behaviors. I'm having a hard time believing this is the audience I would attract online and if this is even the audience I want my business to be built around. Don't get me wrong, since I've developed personal relationships with everyone at my gym I will gladly continue to help them. BUT My thought process is that since I am a young man, my message would resonate with other young men the most. And I know for a fact that there is an audience of young men out there that want to build more confidence through getting stronger in the gym, building muscle, and transforming their physique. I also understand that with younger audiences of my age are going to either be broke or still have their parent's credit card so I'm not super confident that this audience would be easy to monetize, but right now I'm not too concerned with that. Obviously that is one of the main points of this but I feel like playing the long game for this audience could pay off eventually as it's the group of people I will serve whether or not money is involved.
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I know this was long winded but I wanted to give a bit more detail about my current situation so it makes a bit more sense. I know I'm getting this up late but any feedback here would be greatly appreciated, I want to get this narrowed down the best I can! Also, this response is more so related to video 1 I suppose.
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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Lori is a 33 year old female who is married with two kids in high school. She graduated with a college degree and is now the manager of a local hair salon. She has a busy and stressful work schedule, spending long hours and late nights at the salon. On top of that she tends to stay up late on her phone past midnight before going to bed. Over the course of covid she developed poor eating and drinking habits, stopped exercising nearly as much, wasn't on her feet and as active as she would be at work, and ended up putting on over 50lbs of undesired body fat. In the past she's enjoyed going to boxing and other cardio type fitness classes. She used those along with some of her own self education through youtube, google, and instagram to drop back below 200lbs, but wasn't able to maintain it. 5 months ago she decided she wanted to learn how to strength train and wanted to learn how to make sustainable adjustments to her diet. She's now beginning to develop a regualr eating schedule, prepare her meals ahead of time, gets up in the morning twice a week to strength train, still goes to the boxing gym once a week, makes regular visits to a chiropractor she knows, and has begun to prioritize her health. Her sister is getting married in June and she's really wanted to look good in her dress at the wedding. Within this 5 months she's lost 20lbs and has gotten much stronger. The more results she notices the more she believes in herself and the process. But that wasn't always the case. She was very quite, shy, and did not share much about her personal life, but now she doesn't hesitate to ask questions. She is on a tight budgeted income with around 50K/year.
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#Video 3 The need to build self confidence by consistently doing and tracking three things per day is where I need to start. The four levels of learning also stood out to me. Understanding that doing the new things like networking, communicating via social media, managing my time, etc, and expecting to fail at them because they're constantly a learning process is a powerful perspective! It removes the fear of not being perfect at everything yet because we will always have room to improve and build those skills.
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#Video 2 One takeaway I had is the importance of having physical and digital assets within your business to lower your tax %. As well as the wealth formula, it's shocking to expect to live off 30% and be taxed 40%. My more immediate goal is to make $100K in a year but my dream is to make $1M+
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I’m a personal trainer expanding into nutrition coaching for clients at my local gym. I love helping people take on a healthy lifestyle!

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