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18 contributions to SSHC Business University
IIS MODULE 4- Video 2
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@Greg Todd Blaze has been trying to get me to start my own podcast for years... I book his guests, do the art work, promo, co-host, etc. Meanwhile be it my own??? 😂 He turned around and said "God's timing, not mine" 😂 Looks like I can't run anymore.
IIS - Module 2, Video 1
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Vincent is a West Indian male in his late 40's, is married and has 3 kids. He has always been an entrepreneur with a couple of businesses under his belt and earns at least $150k + per year. He is highly educated, a home owner, health conscious and lives in Florida. He has a strong passion for impacting people's lives and enjoys seeing their transformation more than gaining monetary value. Vinny has reached a place where he is known for what he does locally in his industry, but really wants to branch out and has limited knowledge of how to do that through digital marketing. In his private time he loves to workout, spend time in nature and with his family. He also loves spending time indoors with snacks and a good movie. Vincent is very spiritual and has a deep relationship with God. Vincent has a fear of not being able to provide for his family and running out of time to achieve his life goals. Vincent is found mainly on LinkedIn and Instagram and watches sports, business documentaries or series and movies with meaning. Vincent doesn't shop much, but when he does, it is usually a thoughtful gift for a loved one. The joke is... If you had asked me this a few days ago, I would have sworn it was the total opposite. 😂 Loved this exercise.
Video 1
#Video 1 I'm Tamiko Chambers and I am a full time digital marketer. I have passion for branding and creating converting content for clients. I am breaking the barrier within my family line and find my way to wealth for my family and generations to come. I never really had someone teach me about money. I observed my parents and they both mishandled it terribly. One was stuck in their 40 vehicle and the other got wealthy multiple times and wasted it. I believed that money made you bad and thus would give money away as soon as I got it. I developed a fear about it. My goal is to create a healthy and receptive mindset to my time and wealth and use/invest it wisely.
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@Greg Todd Thank you, so much. I appreciate you. ✨
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@Jennifer Kinkade Yes, Mama! Let's go! 🔥 Together, we have SO got this. 💪🏽✨
Biggest Takeaway
#Video 2 Honestly, not being afraid of numeracy. Taking full responsibility and embracing it.
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#Module 1 Worksheet Done and on my wall...
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Tamiko Chambers
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Originally from London, UK and now residing in Florida. I started in the arts and now focus my efforts in marketing for healthcare professionals.

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