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How to Level Up on School of Fitness
Hey team, I just wanted to get on and explain how leveling up works here on the School of Fitness. How do I get points? ENGAGEMENT! Points are earned when others like your posts, comments, and replies. 1 like = 1 point for the author. What is the points required for each level? Level 1 - 0 points Level 2 - 5 points Level 3 - 20 points Level 4 - 65 points Level 5 - 155 points Level 6 - 515 points Level 7 - 2,015 points Level 8 - 8,015 points Level 9 - 33,015 points As I continue to rollout more content + course in the future, the point totals above will become much easier to obtain so long as you are staying engaged with the community. Please let me know if you have any questions on this! You are the best - keep it going 👊
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How to Succeed Here
If you are new here, welcome! I am so excited to have you a part of our tribe ✊ 1️⃣ Leveling Up! This platform is built out to reward you for your hard work. So, the more content/courses you complete, the more valuable content you will get access to. Each time you complete a course, you will unlock another level that will give you access to resources to help you continue in your growth journey. 2️⃣ Leaderboard: In order to promote and encourage a healthy learning environment + promote some competitiveness, we have our "leaderboard" feature that will track how much you accomplish while you are a member of the School of Fitness. Not that learning is a competition - but let this aspect of our community inspire you and keep you accountable to yourself in your growth journey! 3️⃣ Engagement: My hope is that you won't just join and drift away without ever engaging in this community. Please feel the freedom to post, comment, and engage with other group members as well as complete all available course work to give you the tools you need to be successful in your own fitness journey. 4️⃣ Connection: Find ways to connect and engage with other group members! We may be a "virtual" community, but there is so much power in connecting with like-minded people who are all pursuing the best versions of themselves. Share your struggles, lift one another up, and allow this to be a place to get inspired and motivated to get a little better TODAY! Thats all team - I am pumped you are here. Go get it today 💪 Happy learning + training!
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How to Succeed Here
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Hello! Welcome to the Skool of Fitness. The goal of this skool is to help regular people master the art of functional fitness to lose weight, move pain-free, & to discover + empower themselves with the tools they need to find their FLO in life all through free course, self-education, and community. 👉 Start by checking out these links - Classroom - Free eBook: Functional Fitness Secrets - The Daily FLO Subscription (Group Training) - 1:1 FLO Training Academy Coaching (Custom Training) 👉 To kick things off, please comment below introducing yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What style of fitness you are currently doing OR most love (strength, aerobic, power lifting, crossfit, etc) See you in the comments! **Additional Helpful Resources** - Recommended Equipment - My Supplements + Supplement Guide - Kettlebell Calculator
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Top 7 Fitness Secrets
What's up everyone - Dr. C here. Today I am breaking down some of the biggest fitness secrets/myths that riddle the industry. I would love for this to spark conversation and questions - so if you have any, please drop them in the comments! After years of coaching and being in the fitness industry, here are my Top 7 Fitness Secrets: 1. Resistance training is and always will be king 👑 for improving joint health, reducing your risk for musculoskeletal injury, and developing functional strength for day to day activities. Not to mention all of the performance-enhancing benefits. So, even if you are training for an ultramarathon, get your resistance training in at least 2x days per week! 2. Mobility is NOT stretching. Don’t confuse the two. Stretching is passive, while mobility is your ability to actively take your joints through their full available range of motion. And it is key to injury prevention and improving your overall movement quality. 3. Protein gives you wings! Not really, but it sure does help improve your ability to recover and build muscle, and has a higher thermic effect than fat and carbs boosting your body’s metabolism and increasing the number of calories your body will burn in a day. Not to mention how much more satiated you will be and less likely to eat like dog 💩, so eat a diet that prioritizes getting enough daily protein for your unique body (I will show you how to calculate this in my book, comment “SECRETS” to get a free copy).  4. Fat loss truly does come down to monitoring your body’s energy input and output each day. If you are serious about fat loss, track what you’re eating, and eat a diet (prioritizing protein of course) that keeps you in a caloric deficit. I recommend starting at a ~250 caloric deficit under your TDEE to begin, then reduce this number by 10% each week until you begin to see the fat loss/weight loss you want to see.  5. Please, don’t run solely for fat loss! Running helps you become better at… running. Yes, it is a high-energy consumption activity. So naturally, you will burn more calories if you run for long distances. But the primary source for your fat/weight loss is going to come from increasing your overall daily activity and overall daily energy expenditure and eating in a caloric deficit. For some who don’t have a background in running, it often causes more harm than good from the pounding it will place on your joints. Focus on increasing your overall activity level, implementing a solid resistance training routine, and eating a well-rounded diet first. Then you can slowly integrate running into your life to build up your tolerance for it.  6. Don’t overlook micronutrients. As someone with Crohn’s, I can say firsthand that getting micronutrients in your diet is crucial for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome with the vitamins, minerals, and fiber they have to offer. Don’t ditch the fruit’s and vegetables, and supplement where you need to.  7. Building muscle is HARD. It takes a really, really long time (unless you are on the juice🧃of course). So be patient, give it time, and create systems and habits that will continue serving you for years to come. And keep going. You may not see massive gains after a week, or even a month. But stick to something for 1 year + and you will look back and be blown away by the progress you've made. 🤜🤛
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Top 7 Fitness Secrets
New to the Community
Hello all. Just signed up for this community. Hoping to learn a lot. I am 39 years old with 2 kids and 2 dogs. Youngest is 14 months so time to dedicate to working out is limited. Trying to figure out the best way to use the time wisely and effectively.
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