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Hello! Welcome to the Brotherhood! The goal of this skool is to help men master natural testosterone righteously! Start by checking out these links: - Classroom - Leaderboards - Calendar You have access to the classroom, in which you have guidance to reclaim your testosterone levels naturally with righteous foundations. The leaderboards showcase the value provided by you and other members. In the calendar you can see when Aleks hosts any collaboration calls which you are invited to. (P.S. - If you want to skip to the front and skyrocket your results, you can work with Aleks to achieve your goals with the Reclaim Mastermind.) To kick things off, please watch the video below: Document used Also, if you want to master relationships righteously. I highly recommend that you join this public community by @Christian Koziol
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Right Bible For Each Language
I've gathered the 4 Bibles which are God's word in 4 different languages, if you want to add a Bible for another just comment under this. If I got any of these wrong just tell me please 😅. I think this post would be beneficial as not everyone here is from an English speaking country (including me) so here goes: English - King James Version 1611 Spanish - Reina Valera Purificado 1602 German - Luther Heute (I don't know if this is correct, nearest to KJV though) Hungarian - Szent Biblia 1590
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Reclaim Mastermind Client Testimonials
Are you tired of feeling weak, sluggish, and lacking the energy to conquer life's challenges? Do you yearn to restore your masculine vitality and reclaim the strength that is rightfully yours? Look no further, because your breakthrough is finally here! Introducing the Reclaim Mastermind - the ultimate solution to your struggles with low testosterone. In a world where the demands of daily life can drain us both physically and mentally, it's essential for a man to possess unwavering strength and vitality. Why settle for mediocrity when you are destined for greatness? As a man, you possess the innate power to conquer any obstacle in your path. The Reclaim Mastermind is your key to unlocking that power, rejuvenating your testosterone levels, and becoming the strong, confident man you were meant to be. As the Bible reminds us, "Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong" - 1 Corinthians 16:13 KJV. These timeless words emphasize the importance of embracing your strength, both physically and mentally. The Reclaim Mastermind empowers you to heed this divine call and take charge of your destiny. Here's what sets the Reclaim Mastermind apart from the rest: 1. Natural and Effective Formulas: Unique all-natural formulas that work to support healthy testosterone levels. 2. Increased Energy and Vitality: Experience a surge of renewed energy, mental focus, and stamina. Imagine waking up every day with the vigor to face challenges head-on and accomplish your goals with ease. 3. Enhanced Strength and Muscle Mass: Reclaim Mastermind helps promote muscle growth and strength, allowing you to sculpt a chiseled physique that turns heads and boosts your confidence. 4. Heightened Libido and Performance: Restore your passion and reignite the fire in your romantic relationships. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a more satisfying and intimate life.
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In the early 1930’s, Burr was running experiments related to his theory of “essential fatty acid deficiency” in rats. He noticed that PUFA-deficient rats on a specific high sugar diet consumed oxygen at an uncharacteristically high rate. Smith, William, and Rajendrani Mukhopadhyay. 2012. “Essential Fatty Acids: The Work of George and Mildred Burr.” The Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (42): 35439–41. He decided to do the test himself. For 6 months Brown consumed a 2500 calorie per day diet completely void of unsaturated fats (PUFA), and high in sugars in the forms of glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, and potato starch along with micronutrient supplementation from mineral oil, baking soda, and salt, as well as Vitamin D3, Vitamin A, and iron. Firstly, Brown had suffered since childhood from migraines. Within 6 weeks on this high sugar diet, they completely subsided and never returned. Secondly, he started the diet with slightly high blood pressure. A few months into the experimental diet, his blood pressure completely normalised. He also lost a significant amount of weight through the 6 month period, corresponding to a measurable increase in his metabolic rate indicators. He went from 152lbs at the start of the dieting period with a metabolic rate at -12% below normal, and within a few months raised his metabolic rate to just -2% below normal while dropping to 138lbs, which he easily maintained through the end of the study period. At 2500 calories per day, mostly from sugar, this is a feat most people would not believe possible, especially at his body weight and without extra activity. Brown also reported a noticeable increase in energy throughout his work days. Where he used to feel a sense of fatigue at the end of the day, he reported that this fatigue completely disappeared while on the diet. And similar to the rats, his respiratory quotient significantly increased, which also indicates an increase in metabolic rate and thyroid function. His respiratory quotient was above a 1.0, hitting as high as 1.14 during the sixth month of the experiment.
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