6. Posing
Learning to pose naturally can be tricky.
You’re supposed to look natural and in the moment as though you just happened to be hanging out at a super cool spot and a friend took a picture of you without you even knowing.
Of course, in reality the situation is quite the opposite of that and you know how deliberately you try to look ‘natural.’
Just accept the initial awkwardness and move on. It’s part of the process.
Try to look as relaxed as possible both physically and mentally.
Try a few poses from the example IG accounts.
Then experiment with your own poses.
Just sit as you would actually sit if you were ‘relaxing’, ‘chilling’, ‘lounging’, etc.
Look at your pictures after you’ve taken a couple and improve on them during the photoshoot.
If you see that you like the general way you sit but you need to straighten your back for example, do it right then and there. That’s the time to do it.
The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
Before you know it you are actually chilling and end up with cool, natural looking content.
Radoslav Kalinov
6. Posing
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