How to stay safe and avoid LinkedIn jail!

This is probably the most important question I get asked all the time. How do I stay safe and avoid LinkedIn jail? Safeguarding your LinkedIn account is paramount so you can continue growing your business; here are some rules to follow:

Here are the rules to follow to avoid LinkedIn jail:

  • Do not log into multiple LinkedIn accounts from one device! In other words, one device is dedicated to one account (Solution: Have different device dedicated to each LinkedIn account)
  • Do not log into more than one LinkedIn account under one Google Chrome profile (Solution: create one Google Chrome profile for each LinkedIn account)
  • Do not have your VA log into your LinkedIn account with an IP outside of your country. Always use a VPN if you're leveraging a VA. (Solution: Use Urban VPN (a Chrome app) to log into your home location VPN point before logging into your LinkedIn account)
  • Do share your LinkedIn password with anyone. (Solution: Use LastPass (Chrome app) to grant access so you have full control)

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