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Learn how to scale your service-based business through LinkedIn Marketplace! A free community to help each other grow organically on LinkedIn.

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Hi Everyone!!
I’m very happy to a part of this group! I look forward to the sharing of information and interaction.
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Welcome Judy!
LinkedIn Marketplace finally opened its floodgates to ALL providers!!!
Until May 13, 2024, ONLY service providers who enrolled during the ProFinder pilot phase get all the service requests (inbound leads) for free. They did not have to subscribe to any premium LinkedIn service. Starting May 13, 2024, the game has changed. The opportunity is significant. If you get in now, you'll have a first-mover advantage because LinkedIn has opened the floodgates for ALL providers to start receiving service requests (inbound leads). You guessed it! Of course, they want to monetize it. To do so, LinkedIn requires those who want to receive service requests to have a premium LinkedIn subscription, such as Business Premium, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter Lite. This new monetizing policy will bring millions of recurring monthly revenue for LinkedIn. At the same time, it's also kicked off its own marketing firestorm to drive more inbound leads for its premium subscribers, keeping them happy and preventing them from canceling their subscriptions. How can we help? If you have a Service Page and a LinkedIn premium subscription, it's time to rock n roll! Please reach out if you have any questions on the following: - How to set up a Service Page and/or sign up for LinkedIn Premium to start receiving inbound leads - If you have both but don't have leads appear on your Service Page account - If you have leads assigned to your service page account but don't get to them fast enough before they expire (see attached) We CAN HELP.
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LinkedIn Marketplace finally opened its floodgates to ALL providers!!!
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Hello! Welcome to the LinkedIn Marketplace Community. As you know, LinkedIn Marketplace is the NEW KING in town when it comes to getting inbound leads for service-based businesses. This Skool aims to help each of you, a service-based business owner, get set up to get and increase the number of matched inbound leads on LinkedIn Services Marketplace from those who submit requests for proposals (RFPs) for your services. To kick things off, please comment below to introduce yourself. Let us know: 1. Your name 2. What you do and who you help 3. What do you need help with the most
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Welcome Clair!
Marc's BEEN on FIRE!
Last week, he closed 4. This week already have 7 calls lined up on Monday and Tuesday. He's shooting for 98% close rate! 👀🔥
Marc's BEEN on FIRE!
What is LinkedIn Marketplace (formally known as ProFinder)?
ProFinder was a US pilot project to test LinkedIn's hypothesis that 3% of any given market will buy at any given time. The 3% always have a pain, a budget, and are ready to purchasing decision. After refining and fine-tuning for 7+ years, LinkedIn has successfully concluded that the 3% will always buy after COVID. Hence, they've rebranded ProFinder to LinkedIn Marketplace. Attached is the visual depicting the pyramid of the 3% of the total buying population. The second attachment is the screenshot showing ProFinder in action back then.
What is LinkedIn Marketplace (formally known as ProFinder)?
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