First customer, not ideal, but doing the happy dance anyways :-)
I'm in the UK but will quote the figures in $$$
A few weeks ago I noticed a FB ad that had a great video but was otherwise, not great. The ad went straight to FB Messenger so I messaged him in the nicest possible way 'love your ad but it will never work' and sure enough, 3 days later he came back to me and said 'you're right, yours is the only message I got from the ad'. This told me 2 things, 1. I was right (duh) 2. he had no concept of speed to lead since he took 3 days to answer.
Long story short he agreed to a discovery Zoom, after which I did another Zoom with a MCTB + DBR demo, both of which went terribly as GHL was so slow that day. Typical 😑
He runs a video promo company, 2 employees, been in business for over 5 years. With 1 new customer every week he must have a DB of 500-1000 customers, right? Wrong. Turns out he has a lot of repeat business and his spreadsheet has like 70 people in it. Most of his customers are in Outlook installed on his MacBook. His average price for video is $1200 which is way too low, his product is really really good.
His business is him, his 2 employees, some Macs, and a spreadsheet.
We had 'that' conversation (GHL will save your business) and I eventually sold him a sub-account at $495pm and 8 leads a month at $1000. I say 'eventually' as I pitched him on the 2nd Zoom and he said he would think about it. I caught him as at a bad time (or was it a good time?) he had no sales on a few weeks and was worried about money.
The next day he went to a conference and paid $700 for a pitch and got no sales. The next day I got the text (attached) from him saying lets go.
This is not an ideal client and if I was further down the road I would have run a mile. He needs too much attention and essentially I will be more like a 'dragon' business advisor than someone automating his sales.
  1. I like him and want to help him
  2. I am learning GHL / SAAS / DBR / MCTB etc. so, need the practice (ie, barely know what I'm doing)
  3. If I pull this off I will have an awesome case study for my next client
  4. Video prod companies could become my niche?
I set him up a sub-account and rejigged his FB ad. As I say the video was great so I rewrote the copy (thanks Chat GPT) and changed to to a lead form ad that went into GHL. Super basic, New lead > I get an text > I call him and tell him to call the lead NOW.
Thank the Gods today is day 2 and 'ping!' I just got my first lead. I called the client, gave him the details and told him how to close the sale. Lets see how he does.
All this has opened my eyes a bit. I am not a business guru by any means, I have run a small business of 1 (me) as an IT contractor, and watched a lot of Dragons Den. The only time I have run FB ads before is for my local village show. Even so I am 10 steps ahead of this business and maybe others. Thanks to Robb and other gurus I sound like I know what I'm doing when I really am winging it lol.
I hope this gives inspiration to others. Keep offering to help people. I have offered to help many many others before I got this positive response.
Darren Waring
First customer, not ideal, but doing the happy dance anyways :-)
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