DR Opt-Out / Error Rates on Reactivation

So I am performing my 2nd DR. Where I am confused is how do we prevent getting flagged for Opt-Out %'s and Error %'s. After reading the GHL rules and regulations (and also getting a first hand familiarity with these in my first DR attempt) it seems as though the threshold are:

< 1% for Opt-Outs on SMS are a 24H SMS Freeze -> It doesn't really define when this kicks in though. For example, if I send 200 SMS my first day and I have 10 Opt-Outs in the first 10 messages sent, would I be stopped then? What is the threshold for this to take effect?

>12.5% Errors in Sending. (Such as hitting a landline)

My ultimate issue is when first working with a new client you have NO IDEA what will or won't error and since they have never really used their list, there is going to be a higher than normal level of opt-outs at first. How do we go about protecting the sub-account from temp bans to these and more importantly overall prevent the number from being flagged as spam?


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