🌶️ Closing SP: AI Edition! 🌶️ (only 2 seats left)

Last week we announced SYSTEMpreneur™: AI Edition seats were open. If you missed the announcement post here, check it out...

A lot of y'all had some good questions, such as:

🧐 "How many SYSTEMpreneur™ Members profitable from initial investment with you, Robb?"

🙈 The truth of any program, including ours, is if you do nothing, you can expect nothing. So there's my little disclaimer for y'all in case the FXX (pick your 3 letter agency) happens to be reading this LOL.

💩 But the fake gurus out there would skirt this question like a politician - I'm not really a fan of that kinda crap, so in the name of transparency I'm happy to answer that question here.

So here's the data:

🌶️ On average, including the businesses we’ve helped large and small, beginner starting from scratch and experienced businesses alike in SYSTEMpreneur™:

  • Average Revenue Recapture: $47,275
  • Average equivalent in sales: $123,449
  • Average time it took to do: 40 minutes or less

That means the above numbers include the Zero's, and the 7 figure ones too.

😁 We actually have 4 ways for you to make your investment back then some, in under an hour. The above represents just 1 of them. AND THIS IS BEFORE WE EVEN GET THE PROGRAM STARTED.

💰 And for most of you, if you choose one of our funding options, breakeven is somewhere around a mere $430/month (give or take)...

🌶️ So if you'd like to join this round of SYSTEMpreneurs before we raise the price again, here's how you can reserve a seat RISK-FREE...

How to lock up your seat (only 2 available):

  • Drop a $1k FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit using this link to reserve your seat.
  • https://robbbailey.com/sp-deposit/
  • Email support@robbbailey.com and ask for Betsy (be sure to include your best email and mobile number so she can text you).
  • Betsy will send you all the pricing, program and funding details and answer any questions you have about the process.
  • If you qualify, I will book a zoom with you to get all your questions answered. Want to make sure it's a good fit for both of us and you feel 100% comfortable with your decision.
  • If you decide to move forward on that zoom, my team and I will walk you through signing up.
  • If you decide NOT to, I will refund your deposit on the spot and give you some help just for showing up. :)

That's all for now, ALOHA Y'ALL!


PS - Attached is a screenshot of the results our Beta program members got in 1 Day last week. Nothing to see here, carry on. 🤣


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