Unleash your workshop participants' creativity 🚀

Tired of hearing participants express their lack of creativity or feeling like they don't fit into your workshops? 😫

It's frustrating to hear but simply throwing phrases like "be creative", "there is no such things as a bad idea" or "think outside the box" won't magically solve the issue.

A common misconception is that only naturally creative individuals can come up with creative ideas. However, this is not true. Creativity is like a muscle that everyone possesses, even if it may be a bit rusty.

So, how can you get your workshop participants back into creative shape without investing months in training? 💡💪

After doing some research and experimenting, I've compiled a set of techniques and rules that put participants in the ideal mindset for generating ideas. I call these the “7 laws of creative ideation”

Are you ready to elevate your brainstorming sessions to the next level? Check out the carousel below 👇

Now, I'm curious to know—what are your tricks for boosting your workshop participants' creativity? 🤔

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