So, what does AJ&Smart actually do???? (and how to work with us!)

Hey, Workshoppers!

Jonathan from AJ&Smart here!

Almost every day, I receive multiple DMs and comments asking something along the lines of:

"Where can we see an overview of what AJ&Smart actually does??"

"What products/services do you offer clients?"

"How can I/we work with AJ&Smart?"

To answer this, I've decided to make a very lo-fi overview of our entire business model, our pricing, and most of the things we sell!

So, if you've wondered what we do, out of either curiosity or because you're interested in working with us, then hopefully this is helpful!

In a nutshell, we offer:

  • MOST PREMIUM: Consulting, Design Sprints, Strategy Sprints, Facilitation Training for teams, Running a company Hackathon/Keynote. This is only for larger companies. Prices range from $25k-$400k. (see more on our website)

  • MID-RANGE: Our Workshopper Master course & coaching program for Facilitators and Innovators who want to make a career out of Facilitation. Prices from $6k. (Learn more here)

  • FREE STUFF: This group, YouTube, all our books and social media channels.

The video attached will tell you everything else you need to know, but above is a little summary!

If you have any questions, or if I missed anything, lemme know!




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