Offering a 'downloadable' workshop as an intro offer?
Hey guys, shower thoughts: 馃毧 has anyone offered a DIY version of their workshop before?
Particularly those who've created there own workshops/frameworks and conduct them virtually.
Do you think offering a low-cost way to access a workshop Miro board help or hinder their sales process?
Some Pros of this would be that those out of your geographic range can still experience your workshop or there might be in-house facilitators who want to run your special workshop internally, it's also low commitment and could lead to bigger jobs later.
Cons would be that if it doesnt provide any outcomes, or the customer doesn't have a good experience with it, it leaves a bad impression and they decide to not interact with your brand again.
What do you think? Done this before? Bad idea, good idea?
Ari Rahmati
Offering a 'downloadable' workshop as an intro offer?
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