New Miroverse Template Created: Project Lessons Learned - 1 hour workshop
Project Lessons Learned - How To Reflect and Learn In An One Hour Session
You run a project and at one moment in time, you figure out you could have learned from some situations and act differently next time.
How about doing a "Lessons Learned" session either in the middle of the project or at the end?
It was last year when I was asked to come up with a short session where one team could reflect upon their learnings during their project.
The request was to be able to run in ONE HOUR.
Wow, I said, this is really hard! I usually need sessions of a minimum of 1,5 hours to be able to run a session similar to a retrospective. And now one hour?
I was thinking of having some kind of Mentimeter word cloud, to ‘read the room’ fast so I created one in Miro or with sticky notes in person. Then I went through the reflection part, decided, and committed. It went super cool in one hour and the participants were so amazed at how much they could do in this time. Afterwards, I was iterating on it in person, online and this initial version was the best one.
This is why I decided to share it after trying it out with other teams as well.
Here you can find the exact steps in Miroverse:
I used the amazing learning cards from Strategyzer which work smoothly every time with the participants and have a great impact!
If you like it, give it some love in Miroverse please :) ❤️
Let me know if you use it and how it works for you :)
Andra Stefanescu
New Miroverse Template Created: Project Lessons Learned - 1 hour workshop
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