How to Prepare for a Workshop
Are you organizing a workshop but you don't know where to start? 🤔Here are 7 steps to prepare your workshop :
1️⃣Define the workshop’s objectives 🎯
2️⃣Identify customers’ expectations 🔍
3️⃣Pick the right team 💪
4️⃣Plan the workshop agenda📔
5️⃣ Create the workshop content 🟨
6️⃣Communicate to manage expectations 💬
7️⃣ Set-up the workshop experience
While it's rare that a workshop will fully stick to the plan you prepared, the value of preparation lies in the deeper connection you develop with the topic, the ability to consider different angles, and ultimately be more ready for whatever comes your way.
And you guys, how do you prepare for your workshops ? 🤔
Mehdi En-naizi
How to Prepare for a Workshop
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