How to facilitate connections BEFORE a cohort-based course?
I am currently working with a client to create some ways up to 60 participants can connect with each other BEFORE they join a 10-day virtual leadership training.
Here are some ideas I am thinking about, but more importantly: I am super curious if you have experienced or applied a cool idea that you're willing to share i the comments 🙏 🙂
  1. Miro Profile Wall
Set up a digital whiteboard where all participants can add their profile and browse who else is attending. I am envisioning adding a photo (or an avatar), their social links and answering a few questions about themselves.
If you have examples of something like this or similar, please post them below.
2. Onboarding Bingo
Create 12 challenges that need to be completed before the first session on a Bingo card. Challenges like: create your profile in the community, comment on someone else's post, send a message to someone, add the sessions to your calendar etc.
I have done this several times, but extended the challenges throughout the whole cohort, so we announced winners at the very end.
3. Collective Art Piece
I am not exactly sure what technology I would use for this, but I an thinking of a mosaic of individual drawings that create something larger. If this reminds you of something, please let me know.
What other ideas do you have?
Jan Keck
How to facilitate connections BEFORE a cohort-based course?
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