Hola from Oslo 🇳🇴 !
Hola a tod@s!
I am really excited to be a part of this awesome community, not only as a "taker" but also as a "giver" since I am a seasoned facilitator with lots of experience and tools & frameworks under my belt (Design Sprint, Design Sprint 2.0, Design Sprint 3.0...), that I am more than willing to share with others.
What I am looking here?
  • Meeting and getting to know like minded awesome people that are over average interested and almost obsessed in facilitation as a craft, art and science.
  • A safe place for inspiration, support, help, interaction and collaboration with each other
  • Share professional expertise, experiences and "best-practices"
  • Have tons of fun and laughter
  • Do crazy stuff together
  • Being the best facilitator and workshopper that I can be
Who I am?
I am a Spanish guy (Barcelona) that is living and working in Norway.
I am married with my lovely wife Aru from Kazakhstan, and together we have 3 kids: Pau who is 6 years old, Emil who is 5 and Adal who is 3 months.... so it is kind of crazy right now in our place 😜🤯🤩😍😤🤪
Looking forward to getting to know you all, being inspired and being of service of this community.
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