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Can we become facilitators of our own team meetings?
Can we become facilitators of our own team meetings?
A while ago, after another 90 minutes spent sitting in a meeting staring at an excel spreadsheet on a big screen, about a project that we have been discussing for almost 2 years with ZERO progress, I came home feeling a sense of dread and anxiety at the prospect of this being my Every Tuesday for the next years.
Never the need for facilitation has been more obvious!
I think that's when I realised I wanted to invest in becoming a facilitator.
I am building my business, but I would love to be able to do something in my current role to help my own team before I leave. I tried to mention this to my line manager, volunteering to arrange a few sessions to kick start this project. To the surprise of no one - or we would not be here - they are incredibly reluctant to relinquish the obsessive control over their meetings.
I think there is also an element of tension here as I would have to call myself out of the decision process and let the rest of the team decide. I would frankly happily give away my ideas on the project if we could progress with someone else's ideas.
Anyone has successfully navigated this situation? Any tips to persuade people of the importance of facilitation or should I spend my energies on the already converted?
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