Brand Workshop & Concept Workshop
Been a super interesting week. I got to try out some of the brand workshop suggestions earlier in the week. The 'if the brand were...' exercises as icebreakers worked well. From there the GV 3-hour Brand Sprint was used. The brand personality sliders and audiences exercises were the ones that resonated most. For anybody using them, careful on the brands either side of the sliders.
In the latter part of the week, I facilitated a 'Concept Workshop' to help a customer ideate on how to build a new PS product suite, iteself a bunch of workshops wrapped into a brand. Used many of the #AJ&Smart design sprint tools. I added a bunch of 'canvases/cards and exercises to help the customer pinpoint:
Audiences, GTM canvas, Silent Note Taking, New Product Factsheet and Experiments to run to bring the new experience to life.
For those doing something similar, the learning here was that thinking about the GTM, tactics to sell and experiments to run grounded the attendees in reality and helped make informed / practical choices. Very basic example attached.
Have a great weekend all.
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Craig Wright
Brand Workshop & Concept Workshop
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