Agile sprints vs design sprints
Hi guys, hoping to draw on some of your experience. I'm new to facilitation and learning the design sprint. I'm doing well at talking about the design sprint and there seems to be some buy-in. However, our organization is highly technical (some seriously big brains) and we have an internal set up called "Digital Factory" which they are using for acceleration of transformation. Admittedly, focused on the digital aspect. They are using agile sprints.
My question: What is the real difference between a design sprint and an agile sprint? And how can I highlight to my colleagues that it could be worth doing design sprints up front in the innovation process? I do understand that agile is more of a downstream process. So, I guess, does anyone have experience with what teams start from in an agile setting? Use cases for example...
Looking forward to your comments / thoughts.
Kat Mather
Agile sprints vs design sprints
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