What it really takes to attract your perfect clients
In this week's podcast episode, I reveal what it REALLY takes to attract perfect-fit clients.
馃専 Hint: it's NOT Marketing or Sales
I know this is what most people focus on first, to help them find and engage with potential clients, but this is a mistake.
That may sound a bit weird coming from someone who helps their clients with messaging, marketing and sales - but it's because I've helped 100s of clients with this, that I know that focusing on these areas alone, is not enough.
The good news is, what it really takes to succeed is 100% free, and you can start doing it immediately. No equipment or prior knowledge required!
馃 What is it?
I explain all in this week's episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast.
And once you have, let me know if you agree with me in the comments below 馃憞
Melitta Campbell
What it really takes to attract your perfect clients
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