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10 Things I've Learned from Getting 100 Skool Members + 4 Things I Hate
Just hit 100 members - party time! 🥳
Thought it'd be helpful to share with you 10 lessons I've learned along the way (and wish I knew earlier) so you can grow your Skool community more effectively & keep your members happy to lessen churn.
I've also included 4 things I "hate" about Skool, AKA 'Wishlist Features' that I feel would make Skool even better.
This is a big milestone for me and I'm so stoked to have made my 'clear & definite aim' a reality!
Next target: 1,000 members.
Enjoy the lessons, and big thanks to for all of his YouTube mentorship over the years.
I'd love to hear what you've learned since using Skool...
If you have any tips/strategies for:
• Growing your Skool group faster
• Keeping your Skool members happy
• Using Skool more effectively as an admin/moderator/teacher
Please comment below with what they are :)
You rock.
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