Managing free trials until Skool launches v2 of paid....
Qn? I have a free group which I am moving to paid and will use Skool's new paid tool. Though I want to offer a free 14 day trial, it is a low ticket $47pm plan though the principle applies to any offer regardless of price.
The sequence is organic post - YT, Insta, Linkedin etc and then CTA is join the group. (also descend from HT if they are not ready). Offer 14 day trial which means they get up to 4 coaching calls (2 x pw) + all the content for free to check it out.
CTA has to direct them to a stripe checkout which offers the 14 day trial, I could then zap them into Skool and into my CRM which is GHL.
Problem - I want the Skool group to be public, great for SEO, and I want it to be paid.
  1. is there any way to keep it public and have a payment gateway which allows free trials from the Skool Subscribe button?
  2. Even when Sam has the paid version going it still will not work for me until I can offer a free trial for the above reasons. Is there a workaround anyone is using or planning to use until Sam and the team launch V2 of paid hopefully with free trials? The problem being the subscribe button on Skool will show free (which is incorrect) or paid (though cannot collect free trials).
The only option is to have it as paid and then offer a 14 day refund - the next question is if we do that will Skool allow us to offer a refund?
Love to hear everyone's thoughts? if you want to chip in that would be great.
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