How I made $36,483 with a new Skool Community in 31 days

Hey everyone, on August 7th at 9:38 pm I launched a new Skool Community, and it now has 316 members and just crossed $36,483 in a brand new program launch.

Here's how I did it.

First, I got clear on what my group would be about. Since I believe an engaged email list is the cornerstone to a laidback online business, I called it List Builder Lab.

I repurposed 5 of my lead magnets into "Courses" by adding downloadable templates and video walk-throughs to fill the group. I posted on social media and emailed my list every day for 5 days, announcing the day's gift and linking up the Skool group.

This worked well; by the end of the week, I had 170+ people in the group.

Then, I hosted Value Calls (nod to @Blake La Grange for the inspiration) to see what I could help these people with.

Based on those calls, member questions, and intake post comments...

I created a $20 paid bootcamp where I taught my method for automating their list-building. I called it "The Laidback List Building Bootcamp."

I used Skool to host the discussion after the live Zoom calls.

After the bootcamp was done, I introduced a brand-new program called "The Laidback Business Accelerator," which is a 10-week program for $997.

When all the dust cleared...

104 people bought the $20 bootcamp (36 bought the order bump, and 30 bought the one-time offer), which generated $5,372 in new revenue.

Then, 31 people bought the Accelerator (16 on a 3-pay plan, 15 paid in full).

Total revenue 31 days after joining Skool? $36,483.

Thanks to @Sam Ovens and team for creating such a cool product that created wildly high engagement and alignment, and thanks to my buddy @Taylor Floyd who convinced me to use Skool in the first place.


~ Cody



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