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💰$44K in 18 days /w Skool (no sales calls or paid ads)
Just did a recent re-launch of a product using Skool (and 1 email to my list) that generated over $44K in just 18 days. I made even more after the 18 days but that was the original metric I had. It was nice not having to do a bunch of sales calls—most of the orders were purchased without any communication with the client at all. - No sales calls - No questions In the video I cover: - How I set up Skool (free/public) - The funnel I use (and the tech behind it) - How I generate traffic (platforms, types of content & the automated system) - The 2 posts I made (email list and Skool) Happy to answer questions or go deeper on topics if you have questions, just drop them in the comments below. Want the Zaps I use? Drop "Zaps" in the comments below. Hope you enjoy →
Stephen G. Pope
Erin Pope
Laurentiu Andrei
Abubakar A Muhammad
Georgietta Roberts
New comment Oct 25
2 likes • Aug 31
New features: "Drip" and "Course permissions"
Introducing two new features for courses: 1. Drip — Now you can drip course content to your members over time. When adding/editing a module, turn drip on, and enter the number of days you want to module to drip after. 2. Course permissions — Now you can give some of your members access to course A, but not course B. When adding/editing a course, set permissions to "All members have access" (default), or "Only some members have access". To give specific members access, find the member from the member's list, click the "..." menu, click "Manage access", and select the course from there. These were two of the most requested features we've had, so I hope you guys like them! Check it out and let us know what you think. Enjoy!
Dennis Kroon
Dan Harrison
Maurice Wasbauer
Ted Carr
Preston Neubert
New comment Aug 26
2 likes • May '22
@Andrew Neumann This would be awesome for us! I also would love an a+b option where it will unlock upon completion of the previous content as well. We won't always allow that but it helps speed things up when we have people in different learning phases.
2 likes • Aug '22
this one's great!
White-Label Skool
Would love to white-label Skool
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Shaneil Stewart
Trent Grzegorczyk
Momo Feichtinger
Scott Rogers
New comment Jun 14
1 like • Aug '22
@Ryan Alexander hey Ryan! True but we are also in a season where more and more clients don’t agree with different platforms for various reasons and would rather not be on them (FB isn’t the only one) so having the ability to offer a solution that doesn’t have any platform to contend with would be awesome, then it’s all dependent on how much they trust us exclusively not a platform. Not the end of the world and it’s a new one with a stellar reputation would just like to bypass the issue altogether.
0 likes • Aug '22
@Ted Carr in general I’d say we are trying to keep as much in house as possible so that trust is located in us not our referral. Lots of people distrust platforms as a whole, not even just certain ones so if I can remove that question in their mind altogether I’d prefer that over convincing them that the platform I chose was one of the good ones (and I believe it is just to be clear).
Points & Submitting Classroom Assignments
In the future, will students be able to submit their work in the classroom? And possibly earn points for it? For example, in Kajabi I can see when my clients submit their reflection questions. I guess I could have my students post their answers in the comment section on Skool, but if it's personal and private, some people might not want to share that stuff with the public. Although, I could see the benefits of submitting your answers publicly. As of now, you can only post a video as the main lesson/content, but it would be nice to post a form or worksheet that you can complete right in the classroom. I'm curious, because one of my biggest selling points for coaching has been the accountability factor, and this feature would help in holding my students accountable. Yes, they can mark a module done, but I won't know if they actually did it or not, unless they privately send me their work, which is just more effort for them. As a student of many courses myself, that has always been one of my biggest issues, not having a teacher or coach to check my work and give me feedback. Working with someone who can not only make sure I do the steps, but also reflect and discuss my answers, has been incredibly valuable, and I think having a place to submit work would help with that process. Here's an app that does this well: Idk if you ever heard of Quenza, but I don't see them as a direct competitor of Skool so no worries. Hopefully, you find some inspiration and ideas by checking them out. As a K-12 teacher, my needs might be a little different than other Skool users. I plan on using Skool for my students starting in the Fall and beyond, and the gamification aspect is a big selling point for me (although I like everything about Skool) so the more flexibility we have in controlling the rules of the game, such as giving points for completed assignments, would make this even more valuable. Not sure if this was already talked about, I think it was, but either way thanks for listening! Keep up the great work.
Nick Guadagnoli
Marie Boudon
Yelina Perez
Taylor Floyd
Harry Whelchel
New comment Aug '22
3 likes • Aug '22
We'd also love to see a private assignments submission box.
White Label!?
Hey! I know that White Label Isn’t On The Roadmap… However… If You Guys Are Considering It… I Would Be Interested!!
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Taylor Floyd
New comment May '22
0 likes • May '22
fully agree
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