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FREE SKOOL Communities
If you have a free group that anyone can join post your links here and tell us what your niche is.
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7 likes • Nov '22 We have ~6500 members. It’s free. It brings people in the music industry together.
New features: Action posts + Pin post to module
Sometimes you want your members to take action. For example: Introduce yourself and share a photo of your workspace, or... Play this song on the guitar and share a video of you doing it. Simple actions make your community more interactive and fun. Remember the ice bucket challenge? Action posts — Describe the action you want your members to complete. When somebody comments, the action will be marked as complete. Pinning posts to modules — Now you can pin posts to course modules to make them more practical and interactive. For example: Your first module could be "Welcome! Start here" and give a quick overview of how things work with a call to action at the end to introduce themself and share a photo. You can pin any post to a module, it doesn't have to be an action post. You could pin posts relevant to the module, or a post with the title: "Module XYZ - Questions/discussion here" and use it as a comments section. Your turn: Complete this action by telling us what you think?
Complete action
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How We Built and Maintain Our 55,000+ Dental Community
More and more people are starting to build communities, and with Skool’s Membership Challenge coming up, I wanted to share some things that we've done to build and maintain the "Disneyland for Dentists" as @Sam Ovens has called it in some of his podcast appearances (linked in the comments below). We run a large Facebook group (we started it before Skool was a thing) in the dental space and currently have 55,000+ US-based dentists in the community. Engagement in the group is constantly around 90% (meaning that ~50k of the 55k members have engaged in the past 60 days). The community was grown 100% organically. Not a single dollar was spent on promotion. Here are the things that we did (and continue to do) to grow the group organically: 1. The most important thing is the quality of the content being shared in the group. This is by far the most important thing. I'd estimate that 70%+ of our group members were invited by someone already in the group. The quality of the content is the main reason someone invites someone else to join that group. There are no shortcuts here other than being consistent with great content. We posted daily for several years and now mix in new content and recycle our old posts as we've been at it for 5+ years. A ton of incredible content gets buried in the past posts so it's beneficial for new members to start recycling it after about 6 months of posting. 2. We contacted "all-stars" in the group and asked if they'd post regularly. If they agreed, we assigned them a day of the week. We have had dozens of incredible group members posting once per week on their scheduled day for years. These people come and go, but we always have an excellent rotation of group members consistently posting in the group. This helps to have great content from other people rather than from admins. This also encourages other group members to post and engage as it's more of a community sharing ideas rather than top-down from the leaders.
Brent C
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Zahida A Khan
Blake Willard
May Adams
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@Brent C bro I only say good about you. You’re the man.
The Path to $10,000/month with a Skool Community
WARNING: This post may completely change how you approach online sales. If you’re a coach, guru, influencer, or teacher and you want to be making an extra $5,000 - $10,000 in fully automated, recurring monthly income... Keep reading because... In this post you're going to see how you can make monthly recurring income (MRR) with your own micro-niche online community using Skool. (Have A.D.H.D. & can't read? Just scroll down to the very bottom and you'll get my 8 Step Framework to follow to set up and grow your own 5-10k/month community, without needing a big following, and without needing a ton of content.) Let's begin: What's a micro-niche online community? Think of it like a subscription membership you can offer, either in addition to, or instead of, traditional 1:1 coaching & 1 time courses. (@Sam Ovens says to think of it like a 'country club'.) Typical deliverables may include: • Community Q&A forum • Weekly or monthly group Zoom call • Videos • Other helpful resources like ebooks, mp3's, etc. But here’s what’s cool: Micro-niche online communities can still sell extremely well even if you DON'T have a big following… I heard about this guy named Nick who sold 180 spots to his audience of 200 people... because he knew exactly what they wanted and made them a deal they couldn't refuse. And strangely enough, these micro-niche communities also work really well even if you don’t create a ton of content for them... Turns out, the #1 reason people say they unsubscribe is because there's “too much content” to go through. So now that you know WHAT a micro-niche online community is… Let me show you WHY they're by far the best thing to sell going forward... In fact, here's why they're better than high ticket, better than stand alone courses, and better than 1:1 coaching... Though first, just so you know what I'm talking about… here's some context: I wasn’t always an online community expert. Making tens of thousands every month from communities and helping others build & grow their communities was NEVER my intention.
Chris Marsella
Alex Reisch
Yohan Delalande
David Kollar
Zahida A Khan
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Love how you lean into your skills @Ted Carr. It’s inspiring for everyone. Keep shining!
Feedback from one of our members who prefers Discord
This may be interesting to the Skool team. This was posted by one of our members who prefers Discord and has been trying Skool, but can't seem to get into it. Parts of that may be because he's 16 or 17 years old and into gaming (so a lot of his friends are on Discord) and he may just not be the ideal target for skool. Parts of his complaints also are caused by less optimal management of our community. This is his post: "When I first joined the DRVN community, I was eager to FINALLY meet some people who were like me. Ambitious. Disciplined. People who had integrity. And was hoping to even find some people who were doing the same thing I was. ( I’m working on a SaaS company and currently make Roblox games, with a bit of YouTube on the side ) But after watching several past recordings, being a part of a group meeting, and checking this site once every few days, I’ve ended up disappointed. Even though everyone in this community is incredibly nice and ambitious, I had yet to find a new friend I had similar interests with. It’s like in school where you’re in a class, and you like everyone- but your best friend isn’t with you. So for the past few weeks, I’ve just been pretty inactive and just thought maybe I’ll join next week's meeting.. then the next week came around, and I said maybe the next one… it’s been several weeks now, and I still feel like I SHOULD go, not that I want to go. So… instead of continuing this insanity cycle, I thought it’d be smart and useful if I just listed everything I would do to revamp this community into a place where I’d want to go and not where I feel like I should go. First things first. Move to Discord. Please. Skool is weird. Let me tell you why. 1) **Twitter Anxiety** It's hard to have a good conversation with anyone. Skool is like Twitter. Everything you post here on Skool, EVERYONE can see. It's like you're making a public statement to the world- which makes me anxious whenever I think of posting something here. But I'm not here to build a community around myself (like what Twitter is for); I'm here to meet like-minded people!
Asmâa Methqal
Elina Solaita
Marcus Samuel
Justin Messina
Chris James
New comment Oct 29
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Younger people don’t want things public. They want to hang out in private. This is very insightful and there needs to be a way for Skool to prioritize this.
Who wants subscription billing?
We're working on subscription billing, and we need a few creators for the private beta. Interested? Give me a money GIF in the comments below if you want subscription billing.
Robert Boulos
Ka Hou Chiang
Giovanni Antonelli
Jenny Kit Ching Campbell
André Nünninghoff
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Don't make this mistake
A while ago, I optimised to grow the number of members in my community. This was a mistake. Quality of discussion dropped. The core members of my community left and started a group chat. The community started to suck. So now I'm rejecting 95%+ of people who apply to join the community. And focusing on quality again. The quality of your audience matters a lot more than the size of your audience Was prompted to share this when I saw the results of @Blake La Grange's poll.
Shivam Jha
Andrew Kirby
Brenda Dempsey
Earnie Boyd
Marc God
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Good move! I was shocked by the results as well.
💰 Without Courses
Friends, if you are on the fence about creating a Skool community, there are probably legitimate obstacles preventing you from taking the plunge. In this post, I hope I can convince and encourage you to not only start a Skool community, but I’ll show you how to build a real, viable business, focusing on your expertise, without creating a course. If you don’t know me, I was a music producer for over a decade working with Grammy Winning Artists from all over the world. From there, I started an online education company teaching people how to become music producers. That company grew (and continues to grow) to multi 7 figures. From there, I sold it and then started Kollege, where I find underground talent who want to get paid to do what they love by shifting into online education. I won’t bore you with details, you can listen to the story here when Sam and I met up. After selling thousands of courses, running a cross functional team, and living in the online education world, I am sympathetic to the many challenges and obstacles you need in place in order to make millions of dollars online. Until now, in order to get paid to do what you love online you needed: - Course: An online course with lots of content that got students or clients results - Sales Calls: A stacked calendar constantly selling people into your course - Paid Advertising: Money -> Ads -> VSL -> Survey -> Book a call - Organic Content: YouTube videos, Podcast, Joint Ventures - Team: Sales team, coaches, managers, operators There have been some alternate versions of this that help the creator, educator, or expert in some way. This could look like having a successful YouTube channel so you don’t need to run ads. Or you find that there are people willing and able to sell on your behalf so you don’t need to be on sales calls. Or you find that a course doesn’t sell as well with your industry so you launch a mastermind with some events so you can focus on connecting authentically with people without worrying about selling. While these attempts have been helpful to the industry, you still need to compromise some version of you or some version of your business.
Jamie Stenhouse
Phil Moufarrege
Faro Zacarías
Elizabeth Sainez
Christina Westergaard Larsen
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@Preston Neubert you’ll be surprised how much people want your help with implementing the action steps. That is where you can monetize!
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@Tim Martinez 😎
New feature: Inline classroom editor
We wanted to make creating/editing courses as easy as possible. Now you can create/edit courses on the same page. What you see in the editor is what you get when it's saved. You can reorder your sets/modules by dragging and dropping them too. Watch the video to see how it works and let us know what you think? This is the easiest way to create/edit courses I've seen.
Dan Harrison
Amrit Singh
Ron Medlin
Hưng Nguyễn
Hoàng Vịnh
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Who wants calendar access permissions?
Imagine making a calendar event only accessible to members at level 6. Is this something you want?
Frank Gyz
Fredu Sirviö
Sam Ovens
Shalimah Richardson
Marcia P
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Blueprints for a biz you may not want vs. Designing your dream biz
@Blake La Grange helps experts do the latter. Learn how you can work with Blake or join his skool. Most info biz "experts" sell blueprints for businesses we may not want to run. But every person has different needs, constraints, and styles for running their business just as they would a home. This is the contrast I keep seeing between the holistic marketing world I was trained in and the info biz marketing tools being sold. Marketers should be brought in to assess, diagnose, and develop a marketing strategy that INFORMS the tactics and tools chosen. They are expert consultants who understand the full suite of tactics available but also understand the client's needs and can identify the right problems to solve so they can create a custom solution for that client's situation. Some firms specialize in specific tactics like PR, media buying, SEO, social, partnerships, etc. but businesses should only go to them once they determine their holistic strategy and know where a specific tactic fits in. But barely anyone is selling marketing strategy in this online info space. That's where @Blake La Grange is different. He's not someone who sells you random tactics based on the strategy that worked for him. He understands all the tactics (or has experts who do) but, more importantly, he cares about the person running the business... The impact you want to have, your style and personality, the life you want to live, and how you want your business to fit in. I was a strategic marketer who spent 15+ years in corporate marketing and he's the only person I've met in this world who starts from the core (you), cares about doing root cause analysis, AND understands fundamental biz & marketing strategy. This is why I trust he can help people come up with strategic solutions tailored to their desires and situation. Don't buy the hammers, saws, and schematics for the 3BR house w/a 2 car garage in the burbs that someone built for their needs when you may want a 2 BR apartment next to a park in the city.
Blake La Grange
Ingi Deutschlander
Pam Yang, she-her
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Much love @Pam Yang, she-her! Very kind of you to say. FWIW: you'd be silly not to work with Pam. She "gets it".
The Step-By-Step Guide to Starting a Highly Profitable Mastermind from Scratch ($101k in 24 hours)
I made $101k in 24 hours when I launched my mini-mastermind on Skool. Just over a year later, I've collected $1,056,000 & counting. Margins are 73% while I'm sipping pina coladas in Bora Bora... Just kidding, I don't drink, but the margins are still 73% without me having to spend more than a few hours per week in Skool, and it does allow me massive time freedom while seeing student results flood in like Noah's Ark on Niagara Falls. The goal of this post is to show you some simple shifts that you can implement right now, based on where you are in your journey, to help you have similar success. Let's start with where I was before the launch (April 2022): I'm Troy Ericson. I have an email marketing agency called Email Paramedic. We are widely considered the best Email List Management & Email Deliverability agency, period. This is my bread & butter that makes most of my money. HOWEVER, that's a totally different market. They want done-for-you, not coaching. At the time, I'd generated over $50MM for my done-for-you clients, and had worked with big names like Traffic & Funnels, V-Shred, Rich Schefren, RAZE Energy, Joel Erway, Zipify, SmartMarketer, 10X Advisor Network, David Meltzer, Stefan Georgi, Jason Capital, Joel Marion, SamCart, etc, etc etc... But it didn't matter. I was only making $50-100 per coaching student per month, and spending at least an hour per day inside of it. And this freaking BOTHERED me because I wanted to teach others like my mentors had taught me... But without burning myself out for pennies. Why do I tell you this? Because most of you think that you need to 'wait a few years' to have massive success & huge credentials before you start coaching anyone. That's not true. And it's something that you're telling yourself in order to procrastinate (I say that in the most helpful way possible). Of course, I'm no fan of inexperienced coaches who coach coaches on how to coach coaches... But the truth is, if you're 1-2 steps ahead of your audience, you NEED TO START COACHING SOMEONE NOW. Even if it's just 1 person.
Alex Coleman
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Elizabeth Sainez
Marc God
Alma Delia Herrera Márquez
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Crushing bro! Way to go!
How I Use Skool To Make 💵 Doing What You ❤️.
I use Skool by helping creators make a substantial living doing what they are great at and what they love. PS. I have nothing to sell you. I am just passionate about education.
Jamie Stenhouse
Ted Carr
Estrella Gamao
Cristina Valeanu
Elizabeth Sainez
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@Frank Kern turn it up!
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@Zahida A Khan can’t escape the music nerd in me
How I made $36,483 with a new Skool Community in 31 days
Hey everyone, on August 7th at 9:38 pm I launched a new Skool Community, and it now has 316 members and just crossed $36,483 in a brand new program launch. Here's how I did it. First, I got clear on what my group would be about. Since I believe an engaged email list is the cornerstone to a laidback online business, I called it List Builder Lab. I repurposed 5 of my lead magnets into "Courses" by adding downloadable templates and video walk-throughs to fill the group. I posted on social media and emailed my list every day for 5 days, announcing the day's gift and linking up the Skool group. This worked well; by the end of the week, I had 170+ people in the group. Then, I hosted Value Calls (nod to @Blake La Grange for the inspiration) to see what I could help these people with. Based on those calls, member questions, and intake post comments... I created a $20 paid bootcamp where I taught my method for automating their list-building. I called it "The Laidback List Building Bootcamp." I used Skool to host the discussion after the live Zoom calls. After the bootcamp was done, I introduced a brand-new program called "The Laidback Business Accelerator," which is a 10-week program for $997. When all the dust cleared... 104 people bought the $20 bootcamp (36 bought the order bump, and 30 bought the one-time offer), which generated $5,372 in new revenue. Then, 31 people bought the Accelerator (16 on a 3-pay plan, 15 paid in full). Total revenue 31 days after joining Skool? $36,483. Thanks to @Sam Ovens and team for creating such a cool product that created wildly high engagement and alignment, and thanks to my buddy @Taylor Floyd who convinced me to use Skool in the first place. 😃 ~ Cody
Calvin Hollywood
Cody Burch
Steve Young
Blake La Grange
Matthias Laroche
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Well done!
Free skool to actually help vs. sell
My free skool is NOT A FUNNEL for my current business and the weekly calls are a highlight of my week. It's the perfect space to do CUSTOMER RESEARCH... understand what people struggle with and what help they're looking for to see if you can create an offer or business around it (or if you have an offer, to make it better). In my free skool I'm looking for people who want to figure out their mission, offer, and positioning to see how I can help them with the expertise I got from being a brand strategist for 15+ years. Too often people talk about their skools as funnels and objects vs a group of humans who are there to learn and who you can get incredible insight from for your business. Good Customer Research gives you all the answers to your offer, positioning, and messaging struggles. Knowing how they talk about their pains and dreams gives you the bulk of your messaging. I was thinking about shifting my business for a while and after learning from @Blake La Grange's approach in this insightful post and his Kollege group, I started it a few weeks and it's so much fun. If you want to have a positive impact on the world and are struggling to figure out your mission and how to talk about it. Join us here -
Blake La Grange
Alan Alston
Ed Andrew
Danny Mallinder
Pam Yang, she-her
New comment Sep 12
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I can vouch for Pam. She has a wonderful empathetic ability to understand who she is talking to, then provide clear insight into how that could translate with brand and messaging. Plus she's a fellow New Yorker!
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