Keymate has no quota limit until end of month
Say what?!
That's right. During Unlimited Halloween Week, there will be no quota limits on Keymate.AI until the end of 2023-10-31 23:59:59 UTC+0. Your requests will not count towards your plan.
Is my subscription plan valid for it?
Yes. All Keymate.AI subscription types have unlimited quota until the end of October 31st. You just need to login to Keymate.AI to benefit from it.
You mean all of Keymate.AI features with no limits?
Yes. No limits. You can use unlimited Google-powered search, train your Personal Knowledge Base with PDFs (ready-to-print ones are preferred), and use GPT-4 32K on Keymate Ultimate with all Keymate.AI plugin features.
We are feeling festive with /Halloween
Want to Spookify your link search? We prepared a festive surprise: Try our new slash command /Halloween and paste any link next to it. Use it with your friend's most recent blog post or your favorite ecommerce brand's website.
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