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I have gone GPTs crazy. I'd love your feedback on any of these. Please do try them out and let me know what you think. You have to have a Plus account to do so. Well worth the $20/month. If you'd like a custom on, let's chat. I need to get these organized in some sort of website.
I have created 40 GPTs to this point. This is NOW the game-changer I have been waiting for in CGPT. Some are private - most are public. I've created some for business, education, personal use, and non-profits. Search on google at: site: [Add the name of my GPT]
  1. My GPT MTA Assertive Discipline Report
  2. My GPT MTA Curriculum and Training Creator
  3. My GPT MTA Lesson Creator
  4. My GPT Personality Profile - D.I.S.C.
  5. My GPT Personality Profile - My Approach to Work
  6. My GPT Storytelling for Motivational Speakers
  7. My GPT Edu Ethical Explorer
  8. My GPT Edu Fun and Strange Facts for Students
  9. My GPT MTA New Business Tool
  10. My GPT Non-Profit Rate My Charity
  11. My GPT Non-Profit Grant Guide Assistant
  12. My GPT Biz Name Creator
  13. My GPT (Edu) Teacher Lesson Plan Swiss Army Knife
  14. My GPT Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED Advisor
  15. My GPT Edu Teacher Helper
  16. My GPT Edu Elementary Aide
  17. My GPT Generator
  18. My GPT Personal Store Locator
  19. My GPT Social Media Automation Buddy
  20. My GPT FAFSA Navigator
  21. My GPT TikyToky Trend Expert
  22. My GPT What Does The Bible Say?
  23. My GPT Quiz Wizard
  24. My GPT Social Media Pro
  25. My GPT Marketing Buddy
  26. My GPT (Edu) Mad Libs Master
  27. My GPT AA Support Buddy
  28. My GPT College Pigskin Prepper
  29. My GPT PuckTime Guru
  30. My GPT BBall Guru
  31. My GPT Gridiron Guru
  32. My GPT Candle-Maker Helper
  33. My GPT UTube Channel Experts - 1M+ Users
  34. My GPT Proposal Architect
  35. My GPT - Describe My Image Tool
  36. My GPT Online Career Planner
  37. My GPT Counselor
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