Google's View About AI Content
I wanted to share this article about Google and AI. There has been a major concern about AI content detection and laboring to make the content appear human-generated. My position as an SEO has been that it doesn't matter and it's best to just follow Google's E-E-A-T guidelines when creating your content. How the content is generated doesn't matter as long as it's quality content. Here's a link to the article: Google is building AI content tools into its products and supports this position.
If you write your content based on the "user intent" for your focus keyword and follow good on-page SEO practices, you can rank with AI-generated content. By being creative with your ChatGPT prompts, you can identify the user's intent. Then ask ChatGPT to expand on the search intent by providing additional associated topics or questions they should be asking. These can be h2 subheadings and FAQs. Also, ask ChatGPT to include tables, for example. This can contribute to creating a unique article. Then follow good on-page SEO techniques. Competition is always a challenge. Try to use a low competition keyword phrase to get started.
Hope this was helpful! I'd like your opinion on the topic.
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