LIVE Masterclass From Sam Oven's Former Sales Manager Tomorrow!
Hey Ad Men,
Tomorrow inside the Ad Men Mastermind we have a LIVE Masterclass training hosted by's former sales manager David Draey!
David Draey worked directly with Sam Oven's for over 3+ years and was the TOP closer at the company for a very very long time...
He's also currently working with me and my team + a few of our top agency clients by leading, managing, and training their sales teams for PEAK performance.
And tomorrow, he's doing a LIVE masterclass training inside our Ad Men Mastermind where he will be sharing everything he's learned + hosting a Q&A!
You see, every other week inside the mastermind we do a LIVE masterclass training like this with me and my team, OR with special guests we bring in from our network, or even our own clients... to SHARE what's working for them and their businesses RIGHT NOW!
Regardless, this masterclass training takes place tomorrow inside of the Ad Men Mastermind at 11am EST.
If you're interested in attending, and getting more trainings like this every month, along with direct access to me and my team on a weekly basis to ask questions... PLUS exclusive access to our first ever in-person mastermind happening this NYE weekend in beautiful Miami, Florida 馃尨
Then DM me privately and I'll connect you with my team to see if it's a good fit :)
Cheers 馃
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